Mary Broadcast Releases New EP “Panic”

The past few years have seen audiences and artists alike experience emotional extremes. Solitude, social media connection (fear of missing out, envy, rage, depression and on-and-on), newfound love, unbreakable bonds and happiness have all been explored. These are all on the table in Austrian indie pop rocker Mary Broadcast’s new EP Panic. And these are just the first five tracks. It’s the final track that tackles the unspeakable and unimaginable loss. Broadcast sings them all with poise and undeniable talent. Broadcast deserves all the accolades surely coming her way. 


Broadcast, who’s band is comprised of Jimi Dolezal (guitar), Thomas Hierzberger (bass and synths), Andreas Senn (drums), Sebastian Hofman (guest vocals on select tracks), Mario Mrazek (backing vocals on select tracks), Barbara Schutting (backing vocals on select tracks) and Andreas Grünauer (trombone). The sonic palette the group draws from is sometimes a mix of rock, with textured tones like Americana or folk (think Group Love or Passion Pit). Broadcast has a voice that hits like Sarah McLachlan (especially “Adia”) meets Siouxsie Sioux combed through a Debbie Harry compressor. Broadcast is one of Europe’s most creative rockers – her previous releases like “Wolf” and “Bang Bang Yo Yo” seamlessly catapult her to this latest project. Panic is a concept collection and includes accompanied music videos. These mini-movies showcase strong visuals, yes, but also capture Broadcast’s multi-tiered talents. She’s simply beguiling. 

“Panic”, the first episode, is mesmerizing. The listener feels a sense of awakening. The beaming synth is like the sky opening, a new morning is upon the world. The percussion and Broadcast’s vocals infuse a sense of ease, a calming. A relief. Oh my god it’s over now, she sings. In the music video, the setting is a single farmhouse, with the actors portraying dancing and amused play. Then, in track two (episode two), “Zone 4” the tones are funky, brighter. In the music video, at first you feel like it’s a bit of a Truman Show situation – you are a voyeur in this eager woman’s life. She’s seemingly lonely but gains confidence and acceptance when she participates in an online dancing challenge. Her mood quickly changes when she starts receiving negative comments and cyber bullying. “Zone 4” is the most electronica sounding on the EP and the music video hits a powerful message. Broadcast uses the word ‘broadcast’ in her lyrics and it really hits home when she sings, I know my size, it’s global. We are all connected by the keyboard. 


“Bastille” champions love and surrounds the listener with a catchy chorus. The music video is also very fun, showing a couple on a road trip and enjoying nature. The actors in the video (all the videos actually) are Clara Diem and Klemens Dellacher. In “Sing It” and “Bazar”, Broadcast cradles the listener into another magnetic world filled with the inner feelings that seem so universal. Self-discovery and comparison are only natural. Broadcast leaves a lasting impression with the final song, “Aver” that was inspired by her miscarriage. This painful and emotionally jarring track is devastatingly awesome. She’s a true artist. Panic is an absolute gem. 

Anne Hollister

Anne Hollister

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