Jessica Lynn - The Morning Always Comes

Jessica Lynn sings a soulful slice of Americana straight from the heart on “The Morning Always Comes.” The melody features a richness to it. Behind her, the backing band can keep up with her outpouring of pure emotion. Rhythms combine country, rock, and folk elements into a singular whole. With a flow of energy throughout, there is a living, breathing quality to the song that draws the listener into the vast world.

 The beating heart of the sound emerges with the sheer strength of her vocals, the kinds of things that have a tenderness to them. Drums introduce things on a quiet note. Her voice has a delicacy, with each verse cascading downwards into the vast expanse. The western twang of the guitar seems ideally suited for her voice as it constantly grows in strength. Upon letting it all hang loose, there is a grandeur to be found, which is doubly refreshing to behold. Everything crashes over the listener, for it has a force of nature before it simply pulls back to embrace that quiet, reflective moment. Done with the most significant amount of dignity, there is happiness to be felt, bringing the song to the finish line with stately grace.

Jessica Lynn proves to be a deft storyteller for “The Morning Always Comes” captures the bittersweet moment when two lovers part after the night together.

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