Catchy Pop Duo The Dream Eaters Share Melodramatic Parody

“‘Oh Tanya!’ is out now

The Dream Eaters have evolved from a dream pop band into a full-on video art project with an extensive catalogue of weird and darkly humorous music videos of their catchy pop songs. The duo started working together after vocalist Elizabeth LeBaron, originally from Calgary, started working at the same bar as singer/songwriter Jake Zavracky, originally from Boston, in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn.

‘Oh Tanya!’ is a very good example of our songwriting style,” says Zavracky about their new single. “It's a melodramatic parody of pop music that, at the same time, says something that is meaningful to us. Tanya is not a person, the name is a proxy for anything that can be lost.”  LeBaron adds, “There’s a lot of vibrato and longing in it, like a wet 80s New Wave love song.”


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