Exclusive Premiere: Ann Gray Debuts Her New Indie Pop Single "City of a Million"

Ann Gray is the young pop rock singer/songwriter from Norfolk Virginia, who is making waves in the industry already as the winner of the 2021 TasteBreakers Music Contest. Her debut EP, Foolish, received glowing reviews and regional acclaim, picking up a Veer Music Award nomination for “Best Acoustic/Folk.”

She is releasing her new pop-rock single, “City of a Million.” Her voice is soulful and sultry with a heavy Olivia Rodrigo sound in the music and vocals with a hint of Phoebe Bridgers. “City of a Million” is about the fast paced love of younger people in urban areas. The music is fast and quick, representing the pace of young love. It’s exciting and fills you with adrenaline, but at some point it becomes hard to keep up. 

Lyrically, “City of a Million” uses urban imagery to capture the theme of the song and that toxic relationship the couple in the song have. She sings “red eyes, red lights, cry about it later” and “promise on a park bench, crying in apartments” to beautifully capture the feeling of the song. It’s beyond poetic.

Ann Gray shares, “one of my favorite parts both writing and performing from the song though was probably in the second verse: ‘Oh my god who is she, that girl you mentioned once / and you don’t care about me until somebody else does,’ as I think it perfectly captures that unhealthy, on again off again aspect of the two characters’ relationship.”

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