Larry Jay Is Perfectly Imperfect On "What Do I Have"

“What Do I Have” is the newly released, standout track from New  York native, Larry Jay.  The country-pop singer songwriter strikes again with another familiar favorite. Taking the intimate experience of a love lost, and crafting the sonic confession that became the single “What Do I Have”.  The title of the track, at first glance, may have you questioning “what you have”; what you possess; what you own. However, Jay begs the question “what do I have to do?” What must you do when the love you once held now only lives in your memory?  To wrestle with the tension you feel when that former beauty drifts across your mind’s eye. Jay pens these experiences in the verses and supports the emotion through an anthemic call to action in the choruses.

Jay strikes me as the fellow you’d meet playing pool at your local bar. He’d whip you in a few games, knocking down as many 8 balls as Miller Light’s.  All the while captaining the conversation without ever spilling the beans on his musical prowess. After round 3 you’d head to the barkeep for another brew only to see Jay make his way to the stage. Come to find out your pool buddy is the talent for the evening.  There’s a certain humility and familiarity in Jay’s music that anyone can relate to.  And that’s what keeps you coming back time and again.

To listen with a critical ear however, does uncover a few blemishes in the production process.  As the best of them say “don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless.” Even amidst the audible compression, volume variances, and pitch correction, Jay’s intentions come through.  You can tell that there’s a genuine talent on the other side of the microphone. If you’re looking to diversify your streaming playlists, or keep tabs on the up and comers of the country-pop world, Larry Jay’s “What Do I Have” is one to watch. With his other songs amassing stream counts upwards of 20k, this single is surely the next in line. I’m excited to follow Jay’s journey as he continues to develop his sound and craft.

Catch “What Do I Have” streaming now on all platforms. 

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