The New York Premiere of Death Lives At The 2017 North Fork TV Festival
WHO: Stand-up comedian/actor/writer Erick Hellwig and writer/director/actor Chris Aurilio
WHAT: The New York Premiere of the pilot for the new comedy series Death Lives, at the 2017 North Fork TV Festival 
WHEN: September 9, 11:30am
WHERE: Greenport Theater
211 Front St Greenport, NY 11944
New York, NY: The new comedy series Death Lives has just announced its New York pilot premiere at the 2017 North Fork TV Festival, which runs September 7-9 in Greenport, New York. The pilot was written by Erick Hellwig and Chris Aurilio, stars Hellwig as Death and is directed by Aurilio. The series follows the Grim Reaper, Death, after he quits his job and decides to become a normal human living in New York City. The New York premiere of the series pilot is on Saturday, September 9 at 11:30am at Greenport Theater in Greenport, NY. 
More about the pilot: Beaten down by the horrors of reaping, Death tells his father (God) that he quits. After a pep talk from mom (Mother Nature), he takes in NYC, joins an improv class and meets a girl -- all to mixed results. His reaping replacement (a divorced father of two) and mercurial brother (Cupid) add to the confusion, and Death spends his first days of humanity wondering if he made the right choice. 
Creators - Erick Hellwig, Chris Aurilio
Writers - Erick Hellwig, Chris Aurilio
Producers - Erick Hellwig, Chris Aurilio, Elizabeth Galalis, Emmanuel Vozos, Anik Sood
Director - Chris Aurilio
Cast - Erick Hellwig, David Carl, Elizabeth Galalis, Justin Brown, Victoria Vance, Will Nunziata
More about Death Lives: After quitting as the Grim Reaper, Death dives into life head-first with dating, intramural soccer leagues, ball-room dancing classes, calligraphy... you name it. While leaning on his mom and brother (Mother Nature and Cupid), his bumbling grim reaper replacement Garrett, and even his spoken-for love interest Laura, his strained relationship with his father (God) sours. When he finally confronts the old man, a verbal spat turns physical, leaving all of humanity to face the aftermath.
More about Erick Hellwig: Erick is a stand up-comedian, actor, writer and improviser living and performing in New York City. You may have seen him in the TV projects Greatest Party Story Ever and Truth or Dare (MTV), A&E, Going Ape (Nat Geo), a dozen national commercials or performing stand-up in cities along the east coast. He has written for Money From Strangers (MTV) and Funny or Die, teaches and performs in repertory at The Peoples Improv Theater and has also studied with The Second City and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Erick produces and hosts the weekly stand-up comedy show Barely Making It at The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, NYC.
More about Chris Aurilio: Chris is a writer/director/producer based in New York City. He has written and produced live comedy shows since 2008 at The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT). He founded the sketch comedy group The Foolhardy Manor, regularly performing and producing sketch, including his short film BirdmAnnie. In 2014, Christopher began performing his evolving character and sketch show, Aurilishow. He is also a producing member of PulpRiot, a production company responsible for live comedy shows and multimedia projects. Chris has written/produced and directed several short films online, including Haunted Cabin: Die-Fi shot at the Haunted Cabin YouTube Space NY Exclusive Set. He holds a master’s degree in theater studies from Montclair State University and has created several original plays and children’s theater shows.

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