Lionsgate Premiere Unlocks "Unlocked" Trailer Starring Noomi Rapace

The life-and-death decisions made by CIA operatives in the field hinge upon “unlocking” suspects – extracting information about upcoming threats, and using the intel gleaned from these dangerous prisoners to stop potential attacks. UNLOCKED centers on Alice Racine (Noomi Rapace), once one of the CIA’s top interrogators, an expert at finding out what suspects know and piecing together the bigger picture. But Alice has been wracked with guilt since she failed to stop a deadly terrorist bomb explosion in Paris. Now she’s sidelined, working in London as a caseworker, confiding her concerns to steely fellow agent Emily Knowles (Toni Colette). When a suspect who knows of a biological weapons plot is captured, Alice is called back into action by CIA chief of European operations Bob Hunter (John Malkovich).


With intelligence provided by her former mentor, the veteran spymaster Eric Lasch (Michael Douglas), Alice unlocks the suspect. But before she can report all she’s discovered, Alice suspects that high-level CIA sources may not be who they appear to be – and hopes if she can trust Jack Alcott (Orlando Bloom), a military vet also trailing the would-be terrorists through London. With the CIA deeply compromised, Alice has to trust her instincts and the prodigious, highly-toned skills that make Bob Hunter says that Alice was “born a bloodhound.”

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