Luca Bash: "Keys of Mine"

Italian singer/songwriter Luca Bash, has recently released his new 15 track album, "Keys of Mine". As stated by the artist, "This need to make music evolved into arranging and mastering a new LP with my friends and musicians, spread out among Europe. This wish becomes real in "Keys of Mine" LP, self produced in 2017, dedicated to the friends that enhance my art". Each one of the keys on the album cover serves to represent one of the friends that donated their musical talent to the release. 

Originally studying to be a classical violinist, he switched to guitar on a whim in 1994, though he admits not having the courage to write his first song until 1999. His music  ranges from soft alt pop to an urban, jazzy funk, with hint of fuzzy rock. His messages stem from a never-ending quest for a knowing smile, to bare his thoughts and passions and the hope of a bravo! In 2006 Bash was asked to participate in the International Festival of Songs in Piombino, Italy. It was there that he won the award for the best interpretation. From this he gained his greatest motivation for continuing on his songwriting journey.


Luca is one of the most interesting and wisest artists I have ever spoken about music with. He has a unique way of facing the music, and an unusual way of expressing his passion for it. He has a very warm and vibrant personality, and a kindness about him that's hard not to notice.

I spoke with Luca about his new album, future projects and his musical passion....


I love you already because you said you were born ready. So how long have you been doing music?


1990 when I ten. 


When you write music do you write it in English or Italian?


English. When I was young I worked as a waiter in Dublin, serving Italian wine to Irish people. 


What influences your music, your songwriting?


I am a person who started school in 1980s. When I was 19 it was 1999. It was the period when people had CDs and the first MP3. I heard 'Typical Situation" by the Dave Matthews Band. When I was in Ireland I asked the people at the hostile if they had anything by Dave Matthews Band. She gave me "Live at Luther College", the double album. At the time I was playing guitar very badly. I fell in love with the way Dave Matthews is able to write. You can like it or not, but the way he writes is wonderful. I started desiring to learn how to write that way. So I started to study music in the University of Rome for Music. In the meanwhile I was attending engineering school. It was a big effort. In 2003 after the two years of studying I wrote my first 14 tracks. Then I created a band, a Dave Matthews tribute band, and then it became "BASH", playing my music. Then we broke up. In our days an Indie band cannot pay the mortgage. I had to work, and also my musicians, my friends had to work. They left Rome and my musicians scattered all over Europe. So this is my story of the  musician Lucas Bosh. 


When write a song what goes on in your head?  


I don't think of the words initially generally. I'd like to tell you a trick that I've learned, if you love music this is interesting for you I think. Every time people ask me if I write the words or the music first. This is a common question in our days. If you write the lyrics first your mind has to think about melody. But the mind is really closed by memories. So you always recall something that you have already heard. If you write music first especially harmony, because of harmony you have infinite melodies, if you search for interesting harmonies then you can create something that now doesn't exist yet. So generally I search for cords and harmony that is interesting to me. And then use this song in a false English. Then when the song is almost finished, I think about what this melody recalls in my mind, what pictures, what concepts, what images...and then I write it.


That's a cool trick. You're very smart. Where do you hope to be in five years?


In this period I am advertising my Italian version of the LP. "Keys of Mine". I am streaming on the radio and in an interview they asked me what about the future? I am 37. I have my house, and I have a job that is wonderful. I am one of the unique person's that has a job with a big company. The future is this one until something happens. But nothing will happen if you do nothing. 


You have to follow your dream.


Yeah, exactly. If I dream in the shape of a project every day creates happiness. So I have this life, my second life that I used to do from 7 PM to 4 AM where I write and play songs. Now every week Sunday at 7:30 PM, Italian time, I go live on YouTube and Facebook, and every week I explain one song. Right now I do it in Italian, but I'm going to start in English in one month. I play one song just to show people how I created it.


Will you be coming to the US?


In Italy we created music, 800 years ago, but now we are the worst environment to breed new song writers. I feel that if I look in the U.K. or the US I see X-Factor, and the talent shows...but those shows create entertainers, not artists. I have been in the US, in California and Michigan. If you walk down the street and listen people play music in the pubs. You have an alternative. In Italy if you want to play clubs you have to make a tribute band. No one is interested in listening to new songs. 


That is sad.


In a year or two I might move to Michigan for a few years.


It's cold there. 


I come from Rome, we see snow every 30 years.


If you were to tell me something about yourself that no one else knows, what would it be?


I don't lie. I don't lie since 1993 when I stole something from the mall. The policeman grabbed me and called my mother, so from there on,  i was 13, I swore I would never lie.....and I don't lie!


Do you have a family, or is it just you?


Just me. I have chosen this probably because music in someway is what I have chosen to tell my truth.


Do you recall an instance that changed the whole trajectory of your life?


There is one, April 17, 2013. I crashed my motorbike. I broke five ribs, I was in a coma for five days, nine vertebrae's, and after 40 days with my chest blocked by some kind of structure, I realized that I wrote a lot in my life and I didn't publish anything till that moment. So after that I recorded four EP's with my guitarist. That moment after that incident I decided to go on. Probably when you're 33/34 your life is probably going to go in another direction and nobody is going to ask you about playing music if you're an unknown. I really don't care that I'm unknown. Actually an artist should be happy to reach at least one person. If you want to reach thousands of people it's not the artist but the industry who wants the hundred zeros after the 1. For example Van Gogh never published anything and was probably the most famous artist in France. So I don't care about industry, I'm 37, I have my house, I have my earnings, but doing this I feel alive. Everything that will come, will come. I'm happy now. The only thing is, I have to treat it as a project, not as a dream. 


Is there anything else that you'd like to say?


I would like to tell you about this: the unique thing about this project is that this LP has no artistic direction. I did it because I wanted to play with my musicians who are my friends. I sent my tracks to the drummer, and asked him to "play as you listen, I will accept anything that you do". Then I took the drum tracks and sent it to the bass player in Barcelona and asked him to play whatever he wanted to. I did this with all of my friends, and I sang at the end of it all. So what you can hear is probably unique in the world of music. It's professionally recorded and everyone played as they wanted.


So it's like a tribute to your friends?


It is. Every key holder on the album cover is a friend in "Keys of Mine". They are the keys of this LP.


Official site:

Twitter: @LucaBash

Fb: /lucabash.official


SoundCloud: /lucabash


Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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