Sounds Like America Out Today!

Sounds Like America, one of the latest series from Audible, is poised for a wide release on December 11, 2017, when it will begin a season rollout wherever podcasts can be heard. As the series is released wide on new platforms, the season remains available to hear in full on Audible with membership or with a 30-day free trial.


Sounds Like America is a wild sound collage, with vignettes about various subjects and cities in the United States as seen by the people who know it best, and tell it like it really is: comedians. Hosted by a rotating cast of seasoned comics, each episode covers a different American pastime, city, characteristic, event, or zeitgeist. Each episode opens with a host monologue, followed by a sound collage that features stand-up comedy, funny interview excerpts, and local music. The result is a hilarious, sometimes touching tribute to our complicated country. Topics, themes, and locations dissected and inspected on the show include The South, Parenting, Drugs, Religion, and NYC. Shows are helmed by comedians like Reggie Watts, Andy Richter, Aisha Tyler, Michelle Buteau, Roy Wood Jr., Jackie Kashian, Rob Delaney and more!

Featuring Guest Hosts and Subjects Including:

  • Rachel Dratch: The Northeast
  • Reggie Watts: On The Road
  • Roy Wood Jr.: Religion
  • Andy Richter: Chicago;
  • John Early and Kate Berlant: Dating
  • Michelle Buteau: Texa-Florida
  • Kyle Kinane: Drugs;
  • Al Madrigal: Parenting
  • Jackie Kashian: The Midwest

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