Interview: Green Knuckle Material: "Renaissance"

New Jersey based alternative rap/rock, indie group Green Knuckle Material has just unleashed their new EP entitled, "Renaissance". 

With band members named, Scatterbrain PG, Young Dan, D-String, Mudd Dog and The Hawaiian, you already know their music has to be different. A mix of melodious, musically satisfying sequences of notes collectively, and audacious rap, the band makes music dissimilar to anybody. The band proclaims, "We have created our own unique sound and style of music that really is unlike anything else".

I spoke with D-String in depth about the band's music and style as well as their future intentions. Backstory: "In the year 4000 George Kilroy Marten, the universe's last pope, faced off against his arch enemy, The Huntress, Master of Dark Folk witchery who sought to devour the cosmos. During their battle she sent him back in time, splitting his essence into 5 separate entities and thrusting them to the year 2016. Those 5  entities went on to become GKM".

You're music is kind of rock, kind of rap, kind of pretty, and you remind me a little of Bob Dylan if he had a good voice. What are you about?

Thank you. We're trying to figure out what it is. We just kind of made music that we wanted to make, and now we're trying to figure out what it is and how do we market it. That's the big question. We're a little bit of punk, we're a little bit of pop, we're a little bit of rap....we all just take our own influences and bring them into the music. 

Do you write your own music?

I write it and the other lead singer writes it. We have two singers and a rapper. The rapper doesn't write the music.

You all have crazy names....

Yeah we all have crazy nicknames. I'm actually making a comic book that gives you a backstory of everything. It hasn't been made yet but I'm working with an artist. I wrote the first issue. I'm hoping if it's successful I could do a crowd fund and get a whole series.

What genre would you choose? I mean it's pretty as well as cool.

We call it pop-rock, rap-rock. Our other singer has a really great voice. I feel like that's where the prettiness comes from. His vocals are so pretty. I'm the second singer. I sing the song "Hole". So we have two singer's and a rapper. I used to be the lead singer but then we did a lineup change from the first album to this EP and we added the other singer, and we got a different rapper, and he's really good.

Do you play gigs?

Oh yeah, we play live pretty much all over the tri-state area. Mostly over the next four months you're going to stay for the most part in New Brunswick. We just did a release show for this EP on Saturday in Hawthorne, so we are a North Jersey band, but we don't play in North Jersey that often. We don't want to oversaturate the market. So for the time being we're mostly going to be based out of New Brunswick.

Do you ever come into Manhattan?

We did a tour this summer and during that we came to New York once. We finished off in Manhattan and it was $60 for parking, and then our lead singer wasn't 21, and got kicked out so I had to sing the whole set. It wasn't a good experience that I would say I enjoyed. Just the parking and the hassle of getting into the city, I don't know if it outweighs the good.

Do you have a following?

We have a pretty good following.

What influences your music?

Our singer Dan is influenced by pop music, so Ed Sheeran, our guitar player, our drummer and myself, are very influenced by punk rock, alternative, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, stuff like that. Then our rapper....I don't really know where his influence comes from, he doesn't really rap like anybody that I know out there. He's kind of got his own thing going on. 

So introduce your band, and let's start with you...

So I'm D-String, I'm the bass player and a singer. The drummer is The Hawaiian.

Is he Hawaiian?

Of course. Young Dan is the lead singer and he plays acoustic guitar. The rapper is Scatterbrained PJ. The electric guitarist is Mudd Dog. 

Do you refer to each other by your nick names?

Yeah, we actually do. It's funny. We will not always in conversation. Mostly will call the rapper Scatterbrain more in conversation but on stage we pretty much use and our nicknames.

Who named the band?

Two people who are no longer in the band. When I started it, it was me and the drummer, a different rapper, a different Singer and acoustic guitar player. The singer and acoustic guitar player...... we don't really know what happened to him, we just never heard from him. The other  rapper left after we released the first album. He wasn't interested in doing the project anymore and so we kind of broke up. The drummer had left, but then ended up coming back and me and the guitar player were left. The guitar player told me he was still in it if I could put the whole band back together. I put the whole band back together, and that's how we got the lineup that we have now. We are going on a year in February. 

Do you have a next project?

We have actually already started recording. We are going to re-issue three songs from the first album. They will feature our new singer and our new rapper.


Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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