Ike Avelli - Christmas Interview

Congrats on your amazing show at the Triad, how'd it go?


Thank you! It was incredible! The house was SOLD OUT and ready to celebrate Christmas with me and my fabulous cast. We delivered an Adult Variety Show that was equipped with Comedy, Music, Drag, Costumes, Wigs and Lots of Audience Participation. In talks with the Triad to do an Annual Christmas Show!

What's next on the agenda for you?


After selling out 4 shows at the Rochester Fringe Festival in September, there has been an interest in many Festivals across the Country to bring my show "50 Shades of Gay" to many different cities throughout 2018! I am in the middle of writing two NEW shows next year as well, including co-hosting on the #1 Radio Show "The Idiots" on Wildfire Radio with Andy Julia, Chris Hayes, Victoria DePaul, Shmo The Intern and Jim the Producer!

Did Ricky Martin show up?


No he didn't. I think he waited to long to purchase tickets... or was it the protection order? I didn't get the complete story as to why. Are you interviewing him? Can you let him know I am single....I will be your best friend!

Out of all the shows that you have created, is there a favorite and why?


"I've Slept My Way To The Top....Twice", because it was my very first show I Wrote, Produced and Starred in back 2013. But the one that has brought me the most joy is, "50 Shades of Gay". The show has been selling out venues in NYC, Long Island, Rochester, NY and venues in NJ like Atlantic City. 

How do you write your material. Impulsively or do you think about it?


When I am writing Stand Up, it is something where I am in the moment, whether it be on the Train, with my mom or watching the Idiot who is suppose to be running the country, trying to hold onto his dentures on TV while attempting to pronounce "THE UNITED STATES". COMEDY GOLD!

When it comes to my Variety Shows, I usually think of a theme, whether it is Love, Religion, Holidays and I will just start writing over a period of time till everything just fits like a glove. 

Do you have a Christmas wish?


As crazy as this sounds, I want 2018 to be filled with Peace and Love. Right now, it doesn't sound possible, but I can only hope that everyone has the same wish as me. I also have  someone close to me who has been very sick for the last few months, and would love for him to have a clean bill of health.

Were you naughty or nice this year?


Oh Lord, I've been a Naughty Hot Mess! TMZ doesn't have a staff large enough to keep up with me.  

Someone had just written your biography. What is the title ?


"Ike's Legs Have Been Open So Wide, Mass Transit Wanted To Make His Ass A Stop On Their Map".

Is your glass half empty or half full?


If I am sitting at a bar, its half full...BITCH, FILL IT UP!

If I am at a diner, it's half empty, which means it's time to leave for the bar!

You can pick two celebrities to be your parents, who are they?


Meryl Streep and Zac Efron.  

Meryl: because you never know who/what you are going to get. 

Zac: Who doesn't want a HOT Dad like that??

You've created a sign in a store window, what does it say?


"RED LIGHT SPECIAL" in rainbow NEON lights!

If you could choose the soundtrack of your life, what songs would be included?


We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

I'm To Sexy - Right Said Fred

Mickey - Toni Basil

Tell It To My Heart - Taylor Dayne

Crazy For You - Madonna

Believe - Cher

Irreplaceable - Beyonce

My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

Livin La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin

Strut - Sheena Easton

Any last holiday words?


I hope you find that moment to reflect while you are shopping on Christmas Eve, where there is only item left and seven people fighting for it, because nothing screams Christmas more than Pushing and Shoving.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Photo Credits: Billy Hess Photography


Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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