Who's Taking Their Wine Future into Their Own Hands During The Looming Wine Shortage?

There’s no real significant update yet on the “Looming Wine Shortage” as it pertains to the United States and European wines. But, look at what you may be seeing invade the wine shelves near you because of the hardships we have seen in Europe (weather) and the United States (CA fires).


2018 is looking like the year that the wine world could look to not so known places for wine. Places that the wine industry has referred to as “emerging”. Some of these countries are Romania, Slovenia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Turkey, and Greece. Now, these areas are not known to produce top level wines, but the issues of 2017 could bring these countries wines one rung up on the wine ladder and onto store shelves.


These areas have been producing for as long as or longer than those areas we look to as the Old World wine producing areas. However, they are seen as second or third tier in wine supply.   Romania alone had a 61% increase in volume of wine in 2016. In just the last five years there have been 100 new wineries pop up and 25,000 acres of vineyards in that country alone.


A lot of these wine labels may not be known by wine drinkers, and to put it more bluntly, not accepted. The brand, Cramele Recas, founder Philip Cox said, “Romanian wines have an actively terrible reputation in Germany and the UK. Romanian wine is often associated with being cheap, but there is a big opportunity for us to change this perception. It will be an exciting year for us, especially now that there is a hole in the market for us to exploit with the global shortage of wine”. His statement is true…you can find Cramela Recas wines at your local Total Wine for just $5.99 a bottle. But, it is said that Romanian wines can still stand next to their more valued peers and hold their head high in terms of quality and drinkability.


Others brands that could pop up are Purcari, Crama Ceptura, Bostavan, and Bardar of the Purcari Wineries Group; Halewood Wines & Spirits Romania; Radacini Wines and the Dragan Group…and a little less likely are Georgian wines (they do export to China, so they may sneak in State Side). Romania has really packed a punch with Cramele Recas investing almost $7 million dollars into production and to employ two new winemakers to drive up production. These wines will be featured at ProWein. Additionally, Halewood Wines invested $14M dollars in the future of Romanian wines and their future.

Cramele Recas WineryHalewood Winery


It’s not too late to get your tickets and book your trip to ProWein! Tickets are $43 - $74 dollars depending on the number of days you would like to attend. ProWein is The World’s No. 1: International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits showcased in Dosseldorf, Germany March 18th – 20th. I’m sad to say I won’t be there, but report back to me if you make the trip!  There is also a wine festival this weekend and the next in Vancouver, Canada; and they will feature some wine regions not well known:  Hungary - Grand Tokaj  Turkey - Suvla Wines  and  Uruguay - Bodega Garzón.  Beware, this event is mostly sold out!!




Written by Wine Aromaz

Good wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And the enjoyment of wine should be accessible to everyone. Yes, everyone can fall in love with wine. Everyone can appreciate the flavors, the aromas, the shared memories of wines uncorked with good friends. Wine shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating...It should simply be enjoyed!



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