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Beacon Publishing Group Releases "Pangaea: Exiles" By Author Jeff Brackett In Audiobook Format

Beacon Publishing Group has just released "Pangaea: Exiles" written by author Jeff Brackett and narrated by Jamie Cutler in audiobook format. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

Tried and convicted for his crimes, Sean Barrow is sent into temporal exile - banished to a time so far before recorded history that there is no chance that he, or any other criminal sent back, has any chance of altering history. Now Barrow must find a way to survive more than 200 million years in the past in a world populated by monstrous creatures that would rend him limb from limb if they got the chance. And that's just his fellow prisoners. The dinosaurs are almost as bad.

Download your copy of  "Pangaea: Exiles" written by author Jeff Brackett and narrated by Jamie Cutler on Audible in the United States here:

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