Dawg Gone Davis - Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style by Jason Hillenburg

Rebecca Rogers Davis’ dual existence as an IT project manager by day and amateur musician Dawg Gone Davis by night is transitioning into something much more impressive than just a gimmick or side lark. There’s definitely plenty of humor in her song “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style”, but the humor in the song never obscures the underlying musical strengths behind what she does. She’s likewise an author and has opted to funnel any profits from her book and music sales into “Operation Breakthrough”, a program serving challenged babies and children. There’s genuine warmth coming off this song from the first that sustains itself from the first and whets the appetite for any future material. “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” is knowing, self aware, and capable of entertaining in a way you aren’t ashamed of laughing at.


There’s a steady, rolling quality to Davis’ delivery that sounds free from affectation and yet playful in a very natural way. It’s clear that the intended focal point of the song is Davis’ voice and writing, but the backing track strikes the right note thanks to its simmering tone and the way it melds so seamlessly with her voice. The song is condensed and goes straight to the point rather than wasting listeners’ time with adornments that would weigh down Davis’ songwriting. It never runs on too long and the same tightly focused economy governing the musical construction extends over to the words as well. Both of these elements are smoothly woven into a greater whole and “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” proves to be far more effective than what you might assume going into this song. Davis may only be a part-time musical performer, but she carries off this song with all the confidence of someone who is pursuing music in earnest.


The words are, arguably, the strongest element of the songwriting. There’s fleet footed verbal dexterity defining every passage of the song and some relatively tricky linguistic turns along the way that Davis handles well. She never overstates the song’s humorous elements in its lyrical content and the references laden through the songwriting are never so obscure they lose any chance of appealing to her audience. Davis, clearly, isn’t aiming this song towards a younger crowd, but rather first and second generation hip hop fans, but this isn’t a gimmick song either and the clear intelligence behind her humor helps make this song seem like more than it otherwise might. Whether or not Davis returns with any sort of follow up doesn’t necessarily matter. The quality of this song is such that you can’t help but hope she does, but the quality of this track stands out so well on its own that even this contribution is a welcome addition to our music world. “Middle Aged Woman Hip Hop Style” is one of 2018’s more unusual tunes and a great fun.




Written by Jimmy Stars World

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