Cat Thompson - Be Mine

Cat Thompson - Be Mine




“Be Mine” is Cat Thompson’s first single since experiencing considerable success with her last, “All I Want”, and represents the first fruits from her partnership with Los Angeles based producer Khaled and his team, the creative unit aiding in the success of careers like those of Jay Sean and Arianna Grande, among others. The Australian born, half Northern Irish/half Filipino singer/songwriter is no stranger to the spotlight or opening for some of the biggest global acts, but her career and vivacious live show appear to be prepared for a significant step thanks to the release of this new single. Its production values are, for all intents and purposes, immaculate and show her to be one of the most potent studio singers going who’s capable of bringing something of her live dynamism to a recording. The young performer and writer is putting the final touches on her upcoming EP and we should rightly consider this single as a sort of advance notice for that release; if so, pop music lovers are in for quite a treat.


You’ve heard the cliché before, but it’s true here – Cat Thompson is far more than just a pretty face. Her talent for completely inhabiting a song comes to vivid life with this performance and she embodies the song’s emotional range with little apparent effort while still tailoring her voice to maximize the surprisingly deep musical backing she receives from the arrangement. Her phrasing is the real highlight of her vocal talents – she can explore multiple emotions in the course of a single line and never attacks a refrain in the same way twice. Instead, performance is an exploration for her and it pays off for listeners in an intensely imaginative experience they are invited to share. Virtually anyone has experienced the scenario she describes in “Be Mine” and, therefore, the song is accessible to a broad based audience. This sort of talent is increasingly rare in the pop world.


The music could have served as merely some placeholder or vehicle for her voice, but her aspirations are grander than that. Instead, the arrangement serves melody and groove with equal potency and unwinds for listeners with a relaxed creativity that never presses its issue with the audience. Instead, you are gradually beguiled, second by second, into listening and allowing yourself to be transported by both the music and singer. This is some of the finest pop song craft you’ll hear in recent memory and the all around confidence of the track is unmistakable. They are working in concert with one another from the first and create an unified experience for modern audiences. Cat Thompson’s new single will garner her much deserved attention for all the right reasons and positions her to make a big impact on the American market. That success is long overdue. Her artistry is as deep and genuine as her commercial appeal and she has the gifts to stand out in a crowded field while still inviting new fans to share in the experience of her musical art.




Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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