Little Stranger - Sing It High

Little Stranger - Sing It High


The forthcoming studio EP soon due from Charleston, South Carolina’s Little Stranger, Styles & Dynamics, gets it first big reveal with the single “Sing It High”. It’s a recording that will remind the duo’s audience of the strengths characterizing their previous studio releases, their well received live show, and expands on those strengths in gripping and innovative ways. Kevin and John Shields’ creative partnership began in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, and you can hear some of that urban spunk coming through in the song’s assertive confidence. It’s never overbearing however. One of the brightest sparks illuminating the song is the easy going, effective charisma that fills the song both vocally and musically. It’s an upbeat number in every respect and has an inspired spirit that’s palpable from the first. Little Stranger’s “Sing It High” will win over anyone who crosses paths with the song and demonstrates why Little Stranger has garnered fans from coast to coast and only stand to earn more with this single.


It’s really satisfying to hear how the song’s initial instrumentation weaves seamlessly while still supporting and never overshadowing the vocals. The voices don’t enter immediately, but they enter with a keen sense of rhythm and dexterous phrasing that never missteps. The vocal arrangement, like the music, has memorable melodic elements that are never overstated while still serving the pacing needs of the song. There are a number of subtle shifts in tempo scattered throughout the release, but Little Stranger maintains a level headed consistency throughout that never lets the song get carried away with itself or ever veer off road. Whatever beginner’s butterflies might still weigh down acts of a similar age never affect Little Stranger – “Sing It High” shows they are masters of construction and moreso because nothing they do is too obvious.

They dramatize the track well thanks the vocal arrangement and the variety of tones that they are able to manifest throughout the song. There’s definitely a fun-loving, understated element of humor in Little Stranger’s music, but it never plays it strictly for laughs – the feeling is closer to inspired than it is silly. Their confidence is palpable, but they have a measured way of tackling the song that plays in their favor and never sounds like they take the audience’s admiration for granted. Trailblazers are increasingly hard to come by in the modern music world – it’s far easier to pander in an effort to corral a significant audience, but there’s no question that Little Stranger follows their own Muse and makes it work because they know exactly what they want to do and how to do it. “Sing It High” is an ideal example of their musical artistry in action and amply proves why they are arguably one of the most compelling hip hop influenced acts playing to paying audiences today. Introducing their upcoming EP release couldn’t come off much or any better than this.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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