Fate Under Fire - La La Love

Fate under Fire - La La Love


Two EP’s in their growing discography and a track record as a popular touring act has Sacramento’s Fate Under Fire pegged as a four piece to watch, but their evolution continues unabated with the new single “La La Love” and there’s more to come in 2018. It’s difficult to imagine them improving much on the high quality sheen and delivery they deliver with the aforementioned latest single. “La La Love” has the sharply defined bounce we listen for from pop songs like this and more than satisfies entertainment needs, but there’s likewise real musical substance percolating beneath its glossy surface that will keep listeners coming back for repeated. Most pop music is inherently disposable, designed to be enjoyed in a moment, with diminishing returns defining each new spin. Fate Under Fire’s music isn’t like that at all. This is five star pop music that provides a thrill and possesses surprising depths.

It’s also superbly constructed. David James’ songwriting obeys many of the customary “rules” about building a pop song, but the difference comes in the unique spin he and the band give to this song without ever upending any of those aforementioned rules. Experienced listeners will recognize the rhythms, the transitions, and so forth, but James and Fate Under Fire spin them in a different direction thanks to the intangible personality they inject into those changes and motifs as well as the nuanced accents that rephrase the familiar for a new audience. There is a little bit of guitar running through the song, but it’s primarily carried by an impressive rhythm section attack and a variety of synthesizer textures. The track runs just the right length and shows how James’ songwriting sense is far more developed than many other performers in this style. “La La Love” is far from just a vocal showcase or a sweet pop delicacy. Instead, it’s a fully rounded song with something for everyone.

James’ singing tops things off nicely. He has a sensitive, emotive voice, but it’s also one that’s full of enough verve to complement the rhythm section’s snap without ever competing with it. The lyrical content, as well, is a cut above the standard pop fare and James maximizes its potential with a dramatic reading of the lyrics reaching far beyond what we typically hear from singers with this sort of material. The same economical focus defining the arrangement carries over into the lyrical content as there’s not a single extraneous word you’ll find in the entirety of the song and it’s, furthermore, clearly geared to work in concert with the arrangement rather than standing alone or in contrast to the song’s sonic architecture. Fate Under Fire are sporting another memorable track with “La La Love” that squarely fits in with what they’ve done before while expanding their reach in noticeable ways. The four piece band has provided listeners with a wealth of top notch performances and that trend continues with this new single.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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