Rob Alexander releases CD

Rob Alexander releases debut CD


Music, like laughter, can often be the best medicine for the soul in times of strife and challenge. Since the beginning of civilization, society has always turned to the arts to get us through difficult moments in history, and we as individuals have always sought out a soundtrack to drown out the discord in our own lives, no matter what the context or situation may be. Music has the unique ability to isolate us from the world, even if just for a second, and reassure us of our humanity and existence in this vast, complicated world. Bearing in mind what I’ve just said, there is plenty of irony to physician anesthesiologist Rob Alexander’s foray into the south Florida music scene.

Not only is he creating a captivating new brand of modern, smart pop/rock with his new LP Long Road Coming Home, but he’s also reviving the high standards set by legends of the singer/songwriter genre that many had long feared dead. His very first single, “Better Than That,” is an inspiring love song that doesn’t cut any corners and leaves a lasting impression from a veteran composer that we’re only just now having a chance to get to know.

Long Road Coming Home is a very ambitious release for any recording artist, let alone someone who has never been in the studio before. But like a seasoned expert behind the mic, Rob Alexander exudes a confidence throughout the entire album that would make anyone unfamiliar with his biography think that this could easily be his third or fourth full-length. In conveying his tales of love, loss, regret and promise across the 12 tracks, he articulately illustrates the lyrical themes of each song with the ease of an old time storyteller. Nowhere is his swagger more beautifully displayed than in “Better Than That,” which combines pastoral guitars with a classy, stylish piano riff that recalls some of the gold standards of classic soft rock. With the slow churn of the drums that carefully dances around the brooding bassline and Alexander’s deep, powerful vocal, it’s like we can feel all of the yearning in our singer’s heart as the song progresses towards its climactic chorus. A lot of singer/songwriters and standards/easy listening acts try for decades to achieve this kind of competency and fail, miserably, only to be forgotten by the generation that succeeds them. Rob Alexander’s voice and style are difficult for any critic to ignore and impossible for any listener to forget once heard in their full, glorious capacity inside the studio.

Alexander recorded Long Road Coming Home with producer Gabe Lopez of Belinda Carlisle and Boyz II Men fame, and I must say that the resulting product is absolutely stunning to appreciate. The crystal clear audio allows us to really examine and enjoy the range of the singer’s voice and the tenacity of dynamic compositions like “Better Than That.” I don’t know if something is already in the making, but it would be really interesting to see these two record together again in the future. I think they may have found a winning formula for breaking onto the Billboard Charts, and only time will tell if there will be anyone to keep up with them as we enter a new era in pop music.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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