The Norm, “Delirious”

The Norm, “Delirious”


The Norm is a band consisting of two step brothers with amazing levels of talent in a genre they christened “hip-rock”. They were born in South Florida and living their early days there, they moved to Athens, Georgia where their musical careers have seen significant growth over the years. So far, they have performed with many notable bands including White Denim and more recently, Arrested Development.

2017 was their breakout year in which they won several awards with their performances at different musical festivals. Most notable of these was the recently concluded Miller Lite’s Road to Roo competition. The Norm won top honors and will feature at the Bonaroo Music Festival as the representatives of the state of Georgia. Their first album was released in 2014 and the second one in 2016 titled “Normaltown” gave them a lot of legitimacy in the Georgia music scene. Amidst all their experiences in the following years, the duo is now poised to release their new album. The first single off this upcoming album is this incredible single “Delirious”.

Right off the bat, “Delirious” starts with a lot of instruments coming together with the boys’ well-resonated voices. You can tell that from the opening bars that they both have excellent vocal ranges that slowly grows in intensity as the song moves along. By the time the chorus starts, all the other instruments like the guitars and synths kick in and you feel the full effect of their “Hip-rock” groove. The brothers sing like they’ve been doing this all their lives and you can easily tell that they know full well their vocal ranges and show it off as much as they can.

The overall vibes of the song are reminiscent of classic rock songs that you can easily put on repeat without feeling bored. The overall technical production of “Delirious” is also quite masterful as would be expected from Ryan Bars who began his musical career as an audio engineer, learning from industry greats like Supa Dups, Lou Diaz and other A-listed music producers. Even with the rich variety of musical instruments that are evident from the beat and production, this does not take anything away from the vocal performance of the step-brothers. They deliver an admirable effort that will keep fans yearning for another album this year which the step brothers have promised will be released this summer.

High points must be given to The Norm for their arrangement of a rock song in the guise of a pop song without losing recognizable elements. The chorus punches strong notes, the bridge delivers and transfers the emotions behind the musical performance with admirable vigor. Overall, “Delirious” is a delicious foretaste of what is coming from The Norm and ushers us into the amazing world of “hip-rock.” While each of the brothers has the potential to leave successful solo careers, we shall be grateful for the fact that they are together and making music as a team for the time being.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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