Mike Ra releases Dogs Single

Mike Ra releases Dogs Single


Making a single that can draw an audience into a spellbinding trance is no easy feat even for the most seasoned and experienced of artists. Some of our most beloved musicians have seen their careers crumble under the weight of a really poorly produced track, and for a modern “look at me” generation that has an attention span of about two to three minutes combined with the memory of an elephant, it doesn’t take much to wreck your reputation beyond repair among today’s music consumers. Mike Ra spent a lot of time thinking about how he wanted to address his fans and the industry before he dropped his latest single, “Dog$,” an epic mashup of throwback soul and post-electronica hip-hop. Instead of giving us a recycled track that’s gotten plenty of time on the court balling for other teams, he’s introducing us to his own unique style without any filtration. And I must say, it’s working on both ends.

The most important element of building a name for yourself in this business is by garnering a reputation of being a consummate professional behind the sound board and in front of the microphone. Mike Ra shows us how much skill he has at both on “Dog$,” with the clarity of audio being nothing short of immaculate, allowing us to really appreciate the timber of his vocal and the soulful contributions from collaborators DJ Pain 1 and Drew Taylor. If this is just a hint at what sort of full-length this trio could put together given the right setting and time in the studio, I say they shouldn’t waste any more time in getting right back into the recording environment and hammering out more of these delicious beats.

For being such a fresh face in hip-hop, Mike Ra sounds completely relaxed and comfortable on “Dog$,” as if he’s done this thousands of times before. There’s no sign of jaded lethargy in his devotion though; if anything, this latest track sounds like a simmering hot pot that’s about to boil over and onto the burner below. I don’t know this for sure, but to me it sounds like Mike Ra has been sitting on this material for a long time now, waiting for the right moment to give us the treat of experiencing his exclusive aesthetic. And hey, when better than a summer that didn’t have a lot of new releases to look forward to or be excited about? This is the perfect moment to make a play for the Top 40, and this might be the track to do it.

Mike Ra’s DXB Studios is working on developing a lot of new singles, collaborations and extended plays going into the remainder of the year, and I think we can get a pretty good idea from “Dog$” how much energy they bring to the table. I’m going to be keeping a close eye on their output, and with all of the attention this new single is bringing to the company, I doubt I’ll be alone.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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