Review: The Incredibles 2 by MieKayla Singleton

Okay, can we PLEASE talk about how amazing The Incredibles 2 was…IS, as a matter of fact? Honestly, as both a movie buff and an Incredibles fanatic, I can’t even begin to describe how “incredible” (no, that’s NOT a pun) this long-awaited sequel was! Not only did it do the original film justice; not only did it put a few worldly aspects into perspective, but it also started off right where it left off, which is exactly what the film needed to do. And can I just say again…THE INCREDIBLES 2 DID THE ORIGINAL FILM JUSTICE! I know, that’s a bit redundant and you’re probably thinking, “Why does she keep saying that?” Well, the reason I keep stressing that is because it’s not often you get to watch a film that does its predecessor any justice. I mean, like me, you’ve probably seen many film sequels and while the films were good, you’re like, “……okay?” You know, you’re not really blown away like you would’ve wanted to be. But, this film right here??? Good God Almighty! If there’s any other film that’s in the works to succeed its predecessor, they better take notes from this here masterpiece.


First thing’s first: let’s talk about the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! Now, for those of you who’ve seen The Incredibles, y’all already know that Elastigirl (Holly Hunter, Saving Grace and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)is all about letting the women have the fun. In other words, she’s never been fond of all the men doing the world-saving, as she believes that women, especially women superheroes, are worth just as much as superhero men. She’s the kind of example that women can look up to because of how today’s society operates and that’s not to be said or taken lightly. Think about it for a minute: one day, you hear a buzz about men getting paid more than women, especially in the entertainment industry. The next day, you hear about men being “superheroes” instead of women when that’s indeed a fact on both sides. Then, you hear about certain “men” (I’m not calling out names) doing certain things and women speaking out against it, resulting in them getting ridiculously ridiculed (but, only by idiots). The list just goes on and on about the mistreatment and inequality towards women. But, The Incredibles 2 displays Elastigirl’s passion she has for women’s rights and the fact that she wants women to receive the same kind of treatment that men receive. I mean, she was given the chance to be Elastigirl once again for God’s sake! Even the female villain, Evelyn Deavor (Katherine Keener, Get Out), made a valid point about men having all the fun and that it’s time for women to step up to the plate. I’ll still admit that she was crazy, though…but, that’s a good thing, considering her nature.


Now, let’s talk about the realistic family vibes going on in the film. Now, obviously, the Parrs (or you can call them the Supers) aren’t like your average family. You don’t have to guess why…THEY HAVE SUPERPOWERS! However, it’s so amazing that they are the perfect example of a NORMAL FAMILY and that they face the same kind of problems every family faces. For example, you got Violet (Sarah Vowell, The Incredibles and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation) going through adolescence; you got Dash (Huck Milner) dealing with hyperactivity (I’m not even being funny). Then, you got Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile, The Incredibles and Jack-Jack Attack)practically teething. On top of that, you got Bob (Craig T. Nelson, The Proposal and Chicago P.D.)facing the responsibility of being a dad and not getting enough sleep. All of these aspects are what makes The Incredibles 2 RELATABLE. Honestly, those are the kinds of movies we need…RELATABLE movies. Yes, I love my fantasy movies and my drama movies, not to mention my romance movies and my comedies. But, honestly, this world needs RELATABLE movies and The Incredibles 2 is just THAT MOVIE.


I’m sure at the conclusion of this review, you’ve concluded, “Okay, obviously, The Incredibles 2 is worth the watch.” And if not, well…I still say RUN, don’t walk, to go see it. It’s honestly a Disney experience you don’t want to miss.

Written by Jimmy Stars World

I host the Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell, the #1 Webshow (tv/radio) in the world with 4 million weekly viewers, as well as hosting the new television show Backstage with Jimmy Star, am a best selling author/ journalist with one of the top pop culture blogs in the world as well as being a PR/Social Media Guru.



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