Monsieur Job - BASS PA$$I

Monsieur Job - BASS PA$$I


In their latest album BASS PA$$I 1, Monsieur Job combines some very eclectic influences to yield not only one of the most colorful and groove laden records of the year, but the most accessible album that the tropical house genre has seen in this past decade. Anyone who considers themselves keen on electronic music is likely to have already crossed paths with Monsieur Job and their churning sonic wall of sound somewhere in the ethers of the underground, and it’s becoming harder and harder not to notice their agile rise to stardom among indie music circles. I had the opportunity and privilege to sit down and give BASS PA$$I 1 ahead of its highly anticipated summer release and was thrilled and captivated by the whole of what I was treated to in its twenty unique tracks.

In a lot of ways BASS PA$$I 1 has too much for our ears to process all at once, and yet at the same time, once you get started from track one and let the album play out in its own time it’s exceptionally hard to break away from its magnetizing energy and production quality (I myself have listened to it from beginning to end probably two dozen times between first coming contact with Monsieur Job’s work and writing this review today). I’ve got to say, I’m not the biggest fan in the world of house music or most electronica, but this is really sleek stuff; you’ve got melodies that are gentle and seductive woven perfectly between the giant beats and machismo laced synth parts, there’s a lush Latin flavor that is so affectionately charismatic and difficult to resist, and again, this production quality is really something to marvel at. For a band that was dwelling in obscurity not too long ago, they sound like the most seasoned pros in the industry with BASS PA$$I 1 save for one thing; they aren’t jaded and discontent with their work. The opposite, actually.

Monsieur Job is in essence making music that is a melting pot of influences and creative styles compressed into a tight, uncompromisingly swift package that is diligent in maintaining an even balance of tones, not dissimilar to a complete symphony orchestra. What’s more, their craft is remarkably danceable and capable of transcending any barrier of culture or language that could be placed before it thanks to its universally relatable sense of rhythm. This particular combination of skills and abilities makes Monsieur Job a more than special case for us to watch as they grow and develop even more. There isn’t much doubt for me that their style is going to conquer clubs across America and Europe in the next year to come, but what I really can’t wait to see them take on is the road itself. This has the potential to be one of the most electric live acts in music, and if they make their way to my hometown, I know I definitely will not be missing my opportunity to see them live and in action for myself.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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