AV Super Sunshine drops new single

AV Super Sunshine drops new single


AV Super Sunshine might not be a name that you’re all that familiar with if you’re a novice to the electronic music scene, but that could change in the imminent future if you’re listening to the radio or hitting the club this summer thanks to the surprising success of the dual remixes of his song “Time Bomb.” AV Super Sunshine is a diverse artist in the sea of sameness that is pop music in the year 2018, and in his club mix of “Time Bomb” he asserts himself as not just a dominant force to be reckoned with in the EDM world but as a rising star in pop and beyond entering the 2020s.

“Time Bomb” Radio Mix:

This particular mix of “Time Bomb” was intended for nightclub DJ fodder but easily can make a home on any casual music fan’s favorite playlist thanks to its incredible accessibility and overwhelmingly virtuosic rhythm that is unlike anything out today. If you listen to this mix on repeat long enough, you’ll start to notice that it has the same effect as a strong psychedelic drug, entrancing us with its persuasive assault on boring audio and leaving us hypnotized by its warm center. Anyone who thinks that music doesn’t have the ability to affect you in the same ways that chemical elements can will be soundly proven wrong if they give this track a spin, and honestly the very notion makes me all the more of a supporter of what AV Super Sunshine is doing in the studio and beyond.

“Time Bomb” Club Mix:

This recording has been making rounds through the indie music media circuit, and I’m rather surprised that it garnered the mainstream attention that it has as quickly as it did. Most of the time the establishment is reticent to spotlight an artist as eclectic and experimental as AV Super Sunshine, but when you hear a song as rhythmically hooky and sonically spacious as this one is, you really can’t help but get excited about what is going on in our modern music industry. I tell newbies to AV’s sound that they shouldn’t be afraid to get lost in the rhythm, because honestly there’s nothing but positive vibes awaiting listeners in his music. This isn’t a track that lives and dies by its danger factor. It exists and gives you the opportunity to exist, for a moment, within its web.

The club mix of “Time Bomb,” and to a lesser degree the radio mix as well, are quite spacey, borderline shoegazey, but distinctively not druggy or overly indulgent, which is a pretty rare combination to find in any song these days, let alone one by an electronic juggernaut like AV Super Sunshine. I’m curious to see how it performs overseas in Asian and European markets, but if my years in this business have taught me anything, it’s that once a western musician discovers a slick formula for making danceable music, it almost always tends to spread like wildfire. I can’t see why AV Super Sunshine, in that respect, would be any different.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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