Mikey See – Love My Body (single)

Mikey See – Love My Body (single)


You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in fine arts to be able to tell when an artist is really devoted to the music and not just the money and attention that comes with writing a hit single. Contemporary music is weighed down with a lot of “artists” who don’t care much about the content of what they’re producing, but rather whether or not it’s relatable to whatever the flavor of the month is at the moment. But when it comes to Mikey See, the term artist holds the gravity that it was originally meant to. In songs like his new single “Love My Body,” he isn’t singing for the glory of the spotlight; he’s singing because the music is in his heart, and that’s the only motivation strong enough to get him on stage.


“Love My Body” is the positive powerhouse anthem that R&B has really been craving this year, and it comes at a time where pop music has looked so bleak and repetitive that even the slightest effort to make something real would be considered a step in the right direction. This single is, in that sense, a quantum leap for pop right now. Mikey See not only takes his music seriously, but he also considers the value of its delivery as well. His attention to detail isn’t in vein in songs like this, and it’s impossible not to fall for its infectious groove-laden swagger.

Sporting a very exotic song structure that borrows heavily from Caribbean themes, New York house and even a touch of fusion and old school hip-hop, “Love My Body” is a song that isn’t as easy to categorize as some of the other contributions to the Billboard charts lately. Mikey See has so much versatility not just as a singer but as a composer as well, and labeling him something as limiting as “alternative” or “pop” seems almost disrespectful to his work ethic. I suppose if pressed I would have to call this R&B, but it’s by far the most evolved R&B I’ve listened to in ages.

This single could light up any nightclub in the city, but I think there’s also something to be said about its reflective, introspective qualities as well. I think that “Love My Body,” because of its intrepidly self-aware lyrics, could soundtrack a casual night solo just as easily as it could an evening ripping up the dance floor, and that’s not an easy feat to accomplish. See shows us time and again that his personality is more colorful than the rest of the pack, and he’s hardly a one-trick pony.

Let’s cut to the chase; Mikey See is going places fast, and he has the capabilities required to bring an entire scene with him. Whether or not other artists will be able to keep up with his passion remains a question, but his attentiveness and endearing love of the music is inspiring enough to make even the most jaded of listeners get excited about pop again. Indie artists should take note of Mikey See – he’s making music the way that it was always meant to be made.


Photo by Scott Velasquez

Anne Hollister


Written by Anne Hollister

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