Madyx - Girl Boy


Madyx, led by singer/songwriter Michelle Blanchard, invites comparisons to a number of iconic pop figures like Pink or Katy Perry, but her first self-titled EP release also proved this young performer would quickly carve out a niche for herself as a modern pop songwriter who doesn’t craft disposable, momentarily entertaining fare, but rather songs with staying power and boundless energy. “Girl Boy” is the first single released from her impending sophomore effort and wins major points from me thanks, if nothing else, to its willingness to flash bold creativity while remaining vulnerable throughout the entirety of the song. Blanchard and her collaborators gain a great deal from a top notch production job that underlines its physicality as much as its obvious cleverness.

It’s fun from the first. The brief introduction proves to be a bit of musical sleight of hand as it soon transforms into surging bass driven number with a punchy drumming attack pushing things along. Madyx’s musical imagination is unlimited, bound by only what the song needs and her choices with “Girl Boy” help fully realize its potential. The presence of hard-charging keyboards in the arrangement alongside biting guitar riffs clustered around the chorus is perhaps unexpected touches for some, but they add a lot to the song. I really like how Madyx can bring together an improbable hard rock edge with traditional instruments yet produce a cut that’s thoroughly modern in every way.

Blanchard’s voice is a flexible musical instrument and her charisma powers it through the changes with an ability to assume multiple voices alive with emotion. She exhibits the phrasing talents of a much older singer while crackling with vigor and you’re committed to follow her through until the song’s end after a single line. Some people are excellent singers, but free of everything on the line commitment, a sense their lives depend on the performance coming off for themselves and others. Michelle Blanchard falls in the latter category. She belts out line after line in “Girl Boy” with unmistakable zest and it’s clear she’s with every word.

This is music with a story to tell and a connection to make. The vagaries of modern love are well reflected in the conversational style of Madyx’s lyrics and the clever turns the words take along the way never come off as coy or cheap. “Girl Boy” is songwriting any youthful singer can relate to, but it doesn’t know any real limits – more and more share this song’s experience and aren’t afraid to write about. Blanchard’s song has plenty of personality and attitude, but likewise proudly brandishes its desires and wears its heart on its sleeve. The Los Angeles, California based singer, entertainer, and songwriter has talent and presentation to enjoy even more worldwide success on the back of this involving new single “Girl Boy”. Madyx’s first EP laid the groundwork for what we hear with this single and Michelle Blanchard is poised to take her career to unparalleled heights from here. Anyone following her from this point forward will likely enjoy years of entertaining rewards.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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