Ajay Mathur releases new Music

Ajay Mathur releases new Music


The palm muted strumming of an acoustic guitar sends chills down our spine as Ajay Mathur weaves a delicate patch of string work before our very ears. The percussive intro gives way to an electrified guitar saturated in rich feedback, and within moments we’re completely hypnotized by the radiant audiological gaze that Mathur is dispatching into the ethers. This is “My Wallet is a House of Cards,” the first of two all new tracks in the gilded extended play Little Boat, which is available everywhere that independent music is sold now. If you aren’t familiar with his work, this record is a great way to get introduced to the mysterious man and musician that is Switzerland’s Ajay Mathur.

As we go ripping through the atmosphere beneath the galloping thrust of “My Wallet is a House of Cards,” Mathur seems to become increasingly more aggressive in the belting of his vocals, as if to imply an urgency that we need to embrace alongside him. By the time the song reaches its halfway mark it feels like we’ve been thrown in a million different directions, not dissimilar to an amusement park roller coaster, and though the transitions between verses are far more jarring than anything else you’re going to find on the FM dial these days, they’re not so intimidating that we aren’t able to latch onto their vitality and enjoy the ride for ourselves. Ajay Mathur is all about making an engaging listening experience for his listeners, and Little Boat doesn’t disappoint in the least.

The second track in Little Boat is the southern style blues rocker “Forget About Tomorrow,” which comes outfitted with a sumptuous accent of harmonica that recalls the bucolic grooves of the Mississippi Delta. The same fiery guitar that elevated “My Wallet is a House of Cards” appears for an encore in this song, although it takes on more of a supporting role behind Mathur’s passionate singing and the swing time pace of the drums. There’s always been a strong western influence on Mathur’s sound going back to his very first record, but Little Boat expands upon his love of American blues in a way that his contemporaries could only dream of doing. I like where he’s going with this, and I hope his creative trajectory doesn’t change much from what I’m hearing in this record.

All in all, Little Boat is a surprisingly even keeled release for consisting of only two songs written in the standard pop format, and I would encourage fans of all kinds of music to give it a spin and see what they think for themselves. If I had to judge based exclusively on this EP and this EP alone, I would have to say that Ajay Mathur is well on his way to reaching the worldwide exposure that he’s been working towards for the better part of a decade now. His sound has been tempered over time and appears ready to take on the primetime stage once and for all, and you can count that I (and most of my colleagues in music journalism) will be following his future actions every step of the way.


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Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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