Jose Holguin and Luis Carlos Toro “Eres Mi Fuerza”

Jose Holguin and Luis Carlos Toro “Eres Mi Fuerza”


He might not be a household name in the States, but in his native Central America, Jose Holguin’s moniker carries with it a certain level of respect reserved only for icons of this industry. His work has been critically acclaimed by members of the Latin music scene as well as the international pop circuit and the western Gospel world as well, and in his latest collaboration with Luis Carlos Toro, a single entitled “Eres Mi Fuerza,” he shows us the reason why his brand has as sterling a reputation as it does. Saturated with rich textures and featuring gilded lyrics that are reminiscent of an ancient scroll instructing us on how to live our lives to the fullest, “Eres Mi Fuerza” demonstrates the complexity of Toro’s vocal skills alongside the comforting glow of Holguin’s arrangement, which together make for a listening experience that you won’t soon forget. I had the pleasure of sampling the single ahead of its autumn release date and was taken aback by the utterly awesome musicianship that I was privy to in its four and a half minutes of tranquil play.

Holguin and Toro are the type of artists who don’t put a lot of stock into bells and whistles when they hit the studio, instead relying on their organic traits to forge all of the wonderment that any song they record would contain. “Eres Mi Fuerza” speaks to the soul; it resonates with an emotional connection to each other that is fostered almost exclusively through faith. While faith can sometimes be a hot button subject in pop, this song doesn’t try and debate who’s right and who’s wrong. It simply tries to get us to see that we have a lot more success as a society when we’re believing in something together as opposed to when we’re arguing about which direction to go in next. In the last few years, it’s been hard to avoid news of chaos and discord no matter where you’ve been living on Earth, which makes a track like “Eres Mi Fuerza” all the more important to a generation desperately in need of hope for the future.

I don’t know either of them personally, but I think that Jose Holguin and Luis Carlos Toro were always meant to record together, and there’s really no need to question whether or not they have the best tandem chemistry of anyone in modern pop. In the case of this song, we see that they don’t have to go into the recording process with any sort of blueprint or pre-established framework to get the sparks going; they just have to be present and ready to play when the tape starts rolling. I have no doubt in my mind that “Eres Mi Fuerza” is going to end up on a lot of music journalists’ “Top 10 Gospel Tracks of 2018” lists, but I don’t think the single’s success is going to be limited to its target audience alone. This is the song that is going to make Holguin the worldwide superstar that we always knew he could be, and I for one couldn’t be happier to see his ascension to the big leagues.


Anne Holister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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