Dolla Bill releases “Old Schoolin’” single

“Old Schoolin’” straddles a line between a classic and modern hip hop approach thanks to Raleigh, North Carolina’s Dolla Bill exhibiting the sort of mastery over the form we ordinarily associate with much older, more experienced writers and performers. He lets the track fly with enormous punch as some thumping drums usher it into being and the song soon transforms into a liquid, slightly funked-up groove. It’s when Dolla Bill’s vocals enter the picture, however, that the song hits another gear. He has an effortless way of commanding the listeners’ attention and both of the song’s vocal tracks handle the lyrics with a calm confidence that keeps the listener focused from the first. I really like the cool demeanor behind every word; Dolla Bill never sounds like he has anything to prove.

He obviously spends a lot of time listening and studying the backing track so he can perfect, as much as possible, every aspect of his delivery. He even gives the edgier aspects of the song’s content an enjoyably lascivious feel rather than wallowing in crassness. It’s a key difference between Dolla Bill and a lot of similar artists – he isn’t appealing to the lowest common denominator and every word coming out of his mouth hits you like something he strongly identifies with. There’s plenty of attitude coming across in his vocal, but it’s never too strident or uncomfortable. Like mentioned earlier, Dolla Bill is a vocalist who sounds like he isn’t trying to convince you – he lays himself out as he is and defies you to not accept him.


Unlike a lot of other hip hop artists, Dolla Bill doesn’t treat his backing music as an afterthought. The resounding percussion blast opening the track quiets down into a simmering percussion track and the rhythm section quickly assumes a prominent role in the recording. The bass, especially, is omnipresent – it pulses with fat warmth at the song’s center and gives it a guiding heartbeat the track, as a whole, relies on to sustain its musical side. He peppers the track with a variety of synthesizer slashes and flourishes, but never lays them on too thick – instead, Dolla Bill drops those moments on listeners at all the ideal times and the track escalates and develops with exceptional pacing.

It has a good length, just over three and a half minutes long, and Dolla Bill never exhausts the listener’s patience with listeners. Instead, “Old Schoolin’” entertains its intended audience from the first and never loses a hold of them – the two biggest reasons are the clarity of his musical vision, obvious from the first, and the immense likability of his delivery. Dolla Bill comes across like a performer born to do this – there’s none of the forced histrionics you hear so often from lesser artists but, instead, the sound of a genuine hip hop artist who isn’t so much as opening the door to his future as he is kicking it in, albeit with great style and a little sophistication. It’ll be fascinating to follow him from here.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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