ShaQ:Muzik’s much-buzzed latest release is here

ShaQ:Muzik’s much-buzzed latest release is here

A rustic acoustic guitar slinks out of the ethers and materializes before us as we enter “Let Me Be the One,” ShaQ:Muzik’s much-buzzed latest release, but its gilded strings are only the start of something much more potent to come. Effervescently, the guitar is joined by a beam of synthesized light that seems to shine directly on its stoic melody, adding a splash of color where there was once none. Rollicking percussion clicks into place and starts to lead us down a lazy river of harmonies being conducted by ShaQ:Muzik’s grip of the mic. His voice takes control of the mood and without warning we’re instantly transported to a place of solitude, where only music – and the purest of loves – exist. This is “Let Me Be the One,” but moreover, this is ShaQ:Muzik like we’ve never heard him before.

The verses sort of collide into each other once we get out of the first stanza. The melodies, gargantuan in size but not hostile in the least, temper the grooves with a subtlety that becomes a whole lot less peaceful once we reach the main, climactic hook in the middle of the song. It’s hard to tell where one collection of words ends and the next begins when we get into the muscular heart of this track, but somehow I don’t think the narrative could ever get lost in translation. The music is reflective of the sensuous environment that ShaQ:Muzik is shaping with his witty, reverent poetry; even if there were no lyrics to this single, you’d have to be awesomely disconnected with humanity not to understand what he’s trying to communicate to us here.


“Let Me Be the One” flirts with shoegaze-inspired ambience that desperately wants to drown the lyrics in mind-bending translucence. Around the three minute mark, the mix starts to shift more towards the bass and we’re sucked into an equalized whirlpool that, for a moment, feels as though it could wipe out the tonality of the song altogether. However, just as quickly as this transpires, it fades away, and ShaQ:Muzik resumes his position as master of ceremonies via the fragile vocal attack he employs as we find the epic, climactic conclusion. This isn’t a symphonic piece, but it’s certainly got as many dimensions as anything you would find in the classical genre.

R&B has been enjoying a massive period of creative growth in the last five years on both sides of the Atlantic, and “Let Me Be the One” highlights one of Europe’s most intriguing voices at a time in his career where the music couldn’t get much more engaging. ShaQ:Muzik delivers us the goods in this new single and adapts his formula yet again to match the progressive artistic climate we’re living in today while still maintaining his heavily-guarded ethos. With a powerful rhythm, lyrics that spark lusty desires and music that will tame the beast that lives within, this song is required listening for those of us who really enjoy R&B that’s unfiltered and devoid of commercialism and recycled beats.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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