Danise Esswein releases EP


In a tizzy of opulent string arrangements and harmonies that seem to extend onward, endlessly into the ethers, Danise Esswein brings the love of God to life through the majestic power of music in her all new EP Love is Here. Sporting four all-new tracks that each show off a different angle of her incredible skillset, Love is Here offers listeners a glimpse into Esswein’s passion for self-expression and worship free of any commercial filtration or external influences to cloud the message behind the music. Her statements here are bold, effortlessly melodic and brilliantly produced as to allow us to appreciate even the smallest of details within the master mix. In electrifying ballads like “Sparkle in My Eyes” and “Eternal Life,” Esswein demonstrates an amazing talent for defining the otherwise plaintive sonic lines in her craft through nothing more than her soft, inviting vocal stylings. While this record is far from an amateurish effort on the part of anyone involved, it has a remarkably down-to-earth feel that makes it decidedly more humble and warm than what most of her contemporaries have given us in recent memory.

Love is Here starts and finishes on biting ground, opening with the sizzling “Lord Hear My Song” and closing with the assertive “Following You,” which on its own could be described as a bit of an anthem for Esswein. “Lord Hear My Song” begins the record with a gentle guitar part that deceptively has us thinking that we’re about to embrace countrified melodies and choppy grooves just around the corner, but quite the contrary ends up being true. Esswein’s soaring vocal takes center stage, bending the rhythm of the song to its will and guiding us through layers of stylish pop tonality. Her singing is a little edgier and focused here than it is with “Sparkle in My Eyes” and “Eternal Life,” but at the same time her relaxed energy seems to make every song – including this one – feel sublime and surreal, regardless of their pace or lyrical premise. “Following You” is as cratering as “Lord Hear My Song” is, but throws up a much thinner smokescreen on its way to dazzling us with enormous riffs and tender vocal ribbonry.

Whether you’re a diehard, lifelong CCM fan or simply can’t get enough of a sweet pop melody, you’re going to want to give what Danise Esswein has created for us in Love is Here a spin. Though steeped in faith-based imagery that is truly endearing in these times of division and discord, Love is Here has a unique pop/rock flavor that makes it more than accessible to audiences of all backgrounds and beliefs. In these four songs, Esswein speaks to us from an earnest, unrefined place of true emotion whilst exuding a confidence that is nothing short of magnetic and contagious. If her kind attitude proves to be as catchy as her captivating rhythms and harmonies are in this record, Danise Esswein could end up making a really big impact on the world around her via this awesomely well-chosen medium.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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