Deborah Henriksson shines like the diamond on “Let Go”

Swedish adult contemporary singer/songwriter Deborah Henriksson shines like the diamond she is in the brand new single “Let Go,” a brilliant pop fusion of rich Americana and bristling Celtic folk music that serves as a testament to the borderless power of songcraft. Henriksson holds nothing back from us here, calmly dispensing one cathartic verse after another, all the while staying in the background behind her boldly crafted music. Over the last few years she’s proven herself to be one of the most incredible voices in the modern Swedish music scene, and with the release of this single her career stands to finally receive the international exposure and acclaim that it’s always been deserving of. This is Henriksson at her best, and it couldn’t be arriving at a better juncture in her professional life.


There’s so much evident emotion in “Let Go” that it’s easy to separate the lyrics from the music and see that these words are rooted in a style of poetry that has a uniquely Scandinavian feel to it. Nothing in this song is rushed or crammed together; the meticulousness of the master mix allows for us to really appreciate every element of sound going into the final product, and moreover analyze components that other singles often bury beneath layers of post-production sonic stitching. For every cathartic admission here, there’s a brooding musical shift to match, and by the time we get halfway through the song it’s almost as if we’ve spent an afternoon reading Henriksson’s diary instead of listening to her latest release.

Isolated from the instrumentation, on their own the verses are rather patient and virtuous for how simplistically constructed a song this really is, but at the same time Henriksson appears to go out of her way to avoid the pitfalls of inserting egotism into her prose. For as personal as the lyrics come across to us, they’re nothing but accessible in every sense, focusing more on the broader scope of things than on Henriksson’s life explicitly (a common problem among the output of similarly-stylized pop singers with slightly less gumption and creative originality as she’s got). Overindulgence has become the bane of modern music, but this is one artist who clearly takes the threat it presents to evolution seriously enough to trim all the fat from her material.

“Let Go” is utterly sublime pop for what is shaping up to be a very exciting new year in music that promises to offer some provocative releases from artists spanning the entirety of our globe. Deborah Henriksson’s stylish blend of varied influences has the potential to win over a lot of followers in this eccentric time in the industry, but I don’t believe that to be the only factor in what makes her all-new single so incredibly appealing to music fans of different tastes and backgrounds. Henriksson strikes me as someone who values her medium and refutes the very notion of cutting something that doesn’t meet her high standards, and that alone makes her something of a rare find in 2019. She’s got so much momentum at the moment, and with a song like this one to kick the year off with, something tells me we’ve only gotten a taste of what’s to come in the next 11 months from this intriguing Swedish phenomenon.


Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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