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Fans of American country music need to make a point of checking out Freunde, the stunning Swiss collective turning out pure Americana from across the pond, as they release an all-new single titled “My Heart is a House” this February. Steeped in the old fashioned grandeur, homespun storytelling and pastoral songcraft that we’ve all come to know and love in conventional country, Freunde’s sound is a unique combination of traditional American roots music and European indie rock ethos. The result of this modern sonic experiment is a refined strain of country that captivates in a way that most critics and fans will agree just hasn’t been possible since the golden age of the Grand Ol’ Opry some half century ago, when the business was arguably not as cutthroat and convoluted as it is today.

“My Heart is a House” is a lyrical gem in a sea of contrived, uninspired garbage that is regularly paraded across the spectrum of FM country stations as if it’s the second coming of Johnny Cash. Freunde utilize every inch of space in their high definition stereo sound, exploring the depth of their musicality not only through the weight of their glistening instrumentation, but further through the sublime execution of their words. To the beat of an impossibly catchy rhythm, we’re taken on an imagistic journey into the heart of American pastureland, offered a glimpse at a simpler kind of love that it can cultivate, and washed in the catharsis that comes with living life the way it was always meant to be lived.


The single’s B-side, “Probably Maybe,” is just as exciting as the headliner, and arguably delivers a much needed cosmopolitan balance to the bucolic nature of the band’s style. The biggest complaint I have with the majority of contemporary country artists out there is their lack of creative duality. It’s almost as if they think that by deliberately picking a specific tone and sticking with it – through every single song – that they’ll be respected in Nashville for their consistency, when nothing could be further from the truth. Freunde already have a major leg up on most of their American peers; they realize that to make successful music of any genre, you can’t stay tied down to one way of conceptualizing your craft forever.

They might not hail from the south or mountain west, but Freunde is making some of the most authentic grooves in all of country right now, with “My Heart is a House” leading the charge in their 2019 invasion of the United States. Renowned as one of the toughest scenes for outsiders to break into, Nashville has never been considered a kind environment to foreign artists trying to make their mark, but to a vehicle as diversely appointed and aesthetically driven as this one is, pedestrian politics are never a factor in the creative process. Freunde’s got something that you don’t find everyday, nor under every stone that you turn over in this world, and it has the potential to carry them a long ways toward the glorious spotlight that this industry has to offer.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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