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Music at its very finest is able to convey raw emotion into tangible, accessible melodies and lyrics that listeners from a broad range of backgrounds can relate to, and that is exactly what Ferera Swan does in her new single “Second Time.” “Second Time” doesn’t try to exist within the parameters of a predesigned pop template; instead, it gives itself over to a loose groove and jettisons away from conventional music theory in favor of something a bit more spiritual and transcendent. Swan uses every weapon at her disposal, primarily her golden set of pipes, and unleashes an emotional power ballad in this song sure to lift your spirits and sear her name into your memory.

Swan executes her vocal track very softly, with a lot of focus towards the slow churn of the implied beat. The drums don’t make a significant appearance until deeper into the song, so the entire opening salvo is directed by her lyrical striking, which is non-aggressive and relaxed. “Second Time” doesn’t stack all the chips on Swan’s singing though; the tonality of the instruments that back her is rich and textured, making their contribution much more meaningful than that of your average pop backing track.


The versatility of Swan’s range as a vocalist is wide and exotic enough that I think she would do well with almost any genre she chose to tackle artistically. This style of pop is very sleek and structured, but were she to develop her crooning a bit further, I could easily see her doing more jazz-oriented material centering on her velvety voice. The beauty of this single is that it’s her first, and that in itself speaks volumes about where she could go in the next few years. She’s no stranger to the recording business from a songwriting standpoint, and her past experience has undoubtedly aided in the cultivation of the first-rate skillset she’s got now.

“Second Time” fits in well with the current sound that has become prevalent in indie pop music, but at the same time I’m reticent to compare Ferera Swan to any of her peers. She has an old fashioned swagger about her that I haven’t heard amongst the latest wave of pop singers to emerge from her scene. It isn’t that her style is particularly revolutionary, but rather that it exploits sonic intricacies that most artists tend to ignore. This single creeps up out of nowhere and smothers listeners in sublime lyrical might and immaculate melodies to match, all without ever borrowing too much from popular narratives trending in music today.

Outfitted with sprawling harmonies and shimmering vocal accents that reverberate into the ethers long after the music has stopped playing, “Second Time” is the first chance that audiences have at getting to know Ferera Swan, whose arrival in primetime signals a new era for vocal pop music. It doesn’t take more than a single listen to know that this singer/songwriter has an ambition that will carry her far in this industry, and this song represents only a taste of what’s to come next. 2019 is slated to be a very exciting year in music, and with this release Swan is aiming to become one of its most alluring stories so far.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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