MoeDell’s intriguing new single “Porch”

Rich Americana of a classic variety comes roaring out of the speakers upon pressing play on MoeDell’s intriguing new single “Porch,” a homespun country anthem arriving at a particularly important time in the history of the genre. There’s been a vast shortage of organic western tonality in country lately, but despite the shifting narrative in the Nashville scene, MoeDell demonstrates a devout commitment to making old fashioned pastoral music in this single that is both refreshing and comforting in these uncertain times. “Porch” vibrantly wraps itself around us using a very physical master mix that washes us in all of its vivid textures from the very moment that the smoky vocal and shimmering guitars come into focus in the opening bars of the song. You don’t have to be the biggest country fan in the world to appreciate the rustic sound that is so bountifully found in this single, but for those of us who live for an all-American feel-good jam, it doesn’t get much better than what MoeDell has crafted for us here.

The lyrics have a soft swing in their delivery, and the content of their words couldn’t be much more accessible if MoeDell had tried. He doesn’t try to placate us with a lot of familiar imagery or metaphorical poetry that centers more on his own experiences than that of his lifestyle; instead, he broadly dispenses a narrative that is open-ended and easy for anyone to relate to.


The rock n’ roll inspired muscularity of the instrumentation is as much a factor in this song’s physicality as the presentation of the music itself is, and though the guitar lays down a rip-roar riff that is hard to get out of your head once you’ve heard it for the first time, the lion’s share of our attention is consistently drawn towards MoeDell’s countrified croon. His vocal is representative of a dying breed of singer/songwriters that valued tonality above all else when it came time to making a single, or any recording for that matter. This natural, uncomplicated approach to both composing and mastering bleeds into the finished product wonderfully here, and makes “Porch” the forceful powerhouse that it ultimately is.

Packing just enough twang for the country crowd while dutifully indulging in just enough adrenaline to satisfy roots rockers, MoeDell’s “Porch” is a beacon of pure American country in an era that has been underwhelming for Nashville’s most adamant supports to say the least. One of the reasons why I like this song as much  is because of its honest, humble vibe, which arguably has more in common with Nashville’s golden era than it does anything in this present wave of so-called alternative country acts. He’s keeping the spirit of Americana alive with his music, and “Porch” is a fine addition to his collective discography.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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