Jill Liberman: "Success Factor X"

Jill Liberman, a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and entertainment writer has just co-completed a unique book regarding success, along with actor, soap star, and comedian Sean Kanan entitled "Success Factor X." The book includes writing from some of the most illuminated people on the planet including: Jerry Springer, Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, Darryl (DMC) McDaniels, Susan Lucci, Tristan Rogers, Don King, Bobbi Brown, Ken Shamrock, Kate Linder, Warren Buffet, and a host of others. 

I spoke to Jill regarding the vision she and Sean Kanan had when putting it in sequence and about what makes this different from other books of this nature. The concept is exclusive and diverse and will inspire its readers to the fullest extent. 

Jill is a woman who does what she likes to do. She finds a project that has meaning and follows her heart. 

Jill, I asked Sean the same question and without you taking this the wrong way, what makes you feel that you're qualified to create a book about success?

I appreciate that, it's actually a great question. So, I think that what makes "Success Factor X" different from other books on success is that we like to say it's not about successful people, it's by successful people. Meaning it's not Sean and myself even though we wrote and compiled the book. It's not the two of us writing a book about success. If that were so that question would really need to be explained even further for people to purchase it, but what we did is we used our resources and connections to reach out to people who are successful in a lot of different areas. For example, in sports, journalism, music, entertainment and business. We asked them what success means to them, and to share stories about success and to give advice on success. So, it's really not my perspective or Sean's perspective. We just used our drive and enthusiasm for the project, and our connections and relationships to have 50 successful people  co-write the book with us. 

How long did it take to complete?

We worked on the project for about a year. There were a couple of different reasons for that. One it was really important to us to have an interesting mix of people. We wanted the contributors to be very interesting and I think that we accomplished that. So we have a transgender influencer, a true Italian prince, a pioneer of rock, Run DMC....

Run DMC...

Darryl was in my first book. Several people were, the same with Mark Cuban and Tony Robbins, and Jerry Springer. We didn't deadline the book. We also wanted to have the right Publisher, someone who understood our vision for the book. That doesn't happen overnight. We wanted to have the right mix of people, so that the book would appeal to the younger generation and a more senior generation, and people who feel that they are successful, and people who feel that they are not quite there yet. So, it was very deliberate in terms of how we put the book together and very well thought out.

When is this book coming out?

The book is now available for pre-sale. People can go to and order the book. That way they'll know that they have it. It's reserving the book. The book won't be delivered though until May. It's a coffee table book and is filled with beautiful pictures of the people in the book and it does fall into a lot of different categories.

I consider myself a successful person because I've had things happen to me in my life that I wanted to happen. That's why your book caught my attention. I feel like you can be successful in different ways.

Exactly. Thank you so much for saying that. I love that you connected that with the book. That truly is the message of the book. Sean and I both wrote an afterward. Jimmy Star wrote the foreward, but Sean and I both wrote an afterward individually. That was the outcome of the message that we both got from the book. That the people in the book are people that most would be viewed as successful because they have fame and fortune, they are in the spotlight but none of them, not one of them described success in that way. It was the kind of theme where success was personal. Success is not about accolades for being in the spotlight. It's really just the type of person you are. It's just you and happiness and waking up happy. It might be simplistic but it's OK that it's simplistic. A lot of the people in the book shared stories where the unhappiest times in their lives is when people thought they were most successful. So, they don't always go hand-in-hand. But always happiness is success.  If that's the message that readers get from the book, then job well done for the book. We are very proud of that because it's so important. I think that society and media colors people's perception. Then they feel pressure and are kind of misguided in their theme of success. 

Are there any other projects that you are doing?

Sure, thank you for asking. Well I continue to do motivational speaking. My family is truly my biggest joy in the world. I mean that so sincerely. I love to connect with people. Motivational speaking gives me an opportunity to connect.  The connection with people is part of why I love to write, because it's an opportunity to touch people and then have them reach out to me on social media or by email and have that interaction. When I do public-speaking, I speak on happiness all over the world. I have a company called "Choose Happy." That is the name of my third book, "Choose Happy." Sean and I have exciting projects as an extension of the book. We are starting a podcast. We will be on tour doing book signings, so a lot of exciting things will come together with just being true to yourself, and enjoying life, and doing what you love.

Pre-Order Success Factor X by Jill Liberman and Sean Kanan here:

The official website for Success Factor X may be found at



Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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