“All My Girls” by Taylen

In her latest single “All My Girls,” Taylen melds abrasive, EDM-style rhythms with sharp, soulful vocals in a sublime song that has critics from one side of the Pacific to the next abuzz right now, and for good reason. Emerging from what is currently a very talented and exciting Sydney scene, Taylen’s music has been catching fire both in her native Australia and abroad, and “All My Girls” is really garnering some serious attention from American critics at the moment. Here, she experiments further with conventional R&B nuances and a cutting variety of electronic dance pop, and in my opinion, she dispenses her most urbane harmonies ever inside of this track’s stunning three and a half minutes of play.


The synthesized melody in the backdrop is brooding and complementary to the natural timbre of Taylen’s vocal in “All My Girls,” which is a much more sprawling song compositionally than any of her previously released material has been. There’s an atmospheric texture to almost everything going on beyond the vocal track, but the instrumentation never devolves into straight-up ambience. From the moment that she starts to sing to the second that the song comes to a stop, Taylen is orchestrating every element being presented to us in the grander scheme of things using her honeysweet voice exclusively. You can tell that she’s been developing her skillset since childhood; there’s simply too much passion, too much of an undyingly emotional connection between her and her craft, for anything else to be the case.

I’m loving the muscular mix that “All My Girls” sports, and I’ve got to say that it’s more than part of the reason as to why I’ve been enamored with the song since its release. This really meticulous and well-defined mix brings out all of the texture in Taylen’s voice, and if that weren’t enough, it gives the intricacies within her vocal a platform to contribute to the overall narrative in both the lyrics and the melody. If that isn’t smart producing then, honestly, I don’t know what is. Taylen’s doing some masterful work in this song, and while she’s ably assisted from behind the soundboard, I don’t have any doubt in my mind that she would be just as evocative of a performer were her music not filtered through such top notch channels.


Critics and fans alike appear to be quite pleased with the direction that Taylen is going in musically right now, and I unequivocally share their sentiments. “All My Girls” is fairly simple structurally, but the marvelous melodicism that it boasts is anything but ordinary, and in all reality, is something that was startlingly absent from 2019 prior to this song hitting the airwaves. I’m very excited to hear more from Taylen as she continues to cultivate her sound and design her artistry around who she really is, and I think that this is unquestionably among her most profound material ever explored in-studio. She’s nowhere near reaching her creative peak, but listeners can get a pretty good idea of just how lofty her ambitions really are after checking out this smooth song.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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