Francine Honey “Stay” single

Francine Honey “Stay” single


2019 has produced a rather unfortunate mix of studs, duds and straight up flubs in pop music’s mainstream, but in the underground, artists like Francine Honey have been keeping us satisfied with songs like her new single “Stay,” which is out now everywhere that independent music is sold and streamed. “Stay” is a slow-churning ballad of the Americana variety that takes as much influence from traditional country music as it does modern melodic swing, but it’s not a harsh hybridity in the least. Honey brings everything that she’s got as a singer to the table in this song, and gives us plenty of reasons to believe not only in the current state of her brand, but more importantly, the direction that she’s taking this style as the decade comes to a close.

As is the case with the video, the single is very cut and dry conceptually, and it keeps our attention fixed on the relationship between the string parts and our singer, who proves adept at navigating the deep channels they create from start to finish here. “Stay” challenges Honey a little more than “Shacked-up Sweetie,” the first single from her album To Be Continued…, did in the sense that it doesn’t allow for her to transition from the main verses to the chorus in as streamlined a fashion. She doesn’t flinch as she digs into the huge hook in the climax of the track, and I would even say that she sounds a bit more swaggering in this scenario as a result of her unabashed moxie.

The consensus from critics is in, and “Stay” can be confirmed as an affectionate, albeit self-aware, spring ballad that has the right stuff to keep country, blues and adult contemporary fans engaged all season long. If you’ve yet to grab a copy of To Be Continued…, this single will definitely sway you in the direction of your local record store in search of its eleven monolithic tracks. Francine Honey came out of nowhere with her debut album Re-Drawn back in 2014, and in the time since has continued to expand her skillset in ways that a lot of her rivals just haven’t been able to. She’s still got some ground left to cover, but this is certainly a major turning point for her journey towards stardom.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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