“Endless” (single) by Still G & Slapy


In their latest collaborative effort, the all-new single “Endless,” Still G & Slapy turn in their sexiest set of beats yet in an unrelenting tribute to the power of rhythm itself. The melodies in this track are as strong as the lyrics that power its flow, and while it’s designed to highlight the wicked chemistry that these two underground stalwarts share, it speaks just as much to the simmering style of hip-hop that their Italian scene is producing at the moment. Still G & Slapy are ready to take their sound to the next level, and they’re rolling like seasoned pros in this latest slab of sonic prowess.

The verses are woven into the melodic instrumentation seamlessly, and I think that they impart just as much emotion through the tone of their execution as they do through the substance of their words. There’s so much energy here, and it’s utilized in a sublimely efficient formula that favors quality harmonies over agile arranging, which makes the entire track play out like a slow-motion symphony. It’s only through this erudite stylization that we’re able to fully appreciate the dexterity of the execution here, which really is half the charm of the song.

As the chorus swells in volume, so does the tension in the tempo, but the refrain carves out some room for the vocal track to come swooping in with a cathartic release just in the nick of time. I like that, for as heavy as the bass is in this single, it doesn’t overpower the flow of Still G & Slapy’s erotic versing, which has even more texture than the synthesized melody that cushions their every utterance does. It’s a distinctly different approach from what I’ve seen out of their European peers, and a quantum leap in creativity from where American rap output has been at lately.

This mix is super muscular and gives “Endless” a lot of added bounce that makes its rhythm all the more intoxicating. I can see this lighting up a nightclub just as easily as it would soundtrack an evening of driving amongst the city lights, never knowing what sort of adventure we might become involved in around the next bend in the road. It’s ambient to the degree of making good background music, but it’s engaging enough to keep us connected with the cadence of the words, which has a swagger only matched by the patterned drumbeat following it.


From one side of the Atlantic to the next, critics are going crazy for both Still G & Slapy, and it’s not hard to see why when listening to the smooth sounds of their new single “Endless.” For what it lacks in predictability, it makes up for in potent percussive confidence, a dirty bassline that yearns with as much emotive energy as the words do, and a pair of lead vocals that are among the best in their scene right now. If you haven’t already heard their individual work, I highly recommend giving this song a spin when you’re looking for a new jam to spice up your season.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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