Microcosms’ release groove-laden “Forget Us”

In Microcosms’ latest single, the groove-laden “Forget Us,” the Chicago alternative rock power trio dish out their most infectious rhythm yet against the backdrop of a relentless, psychedelic-inspired harmony. Decadence has become a staple in modern indie rock, but few acts have applied the indulgent tones of dream pop and post-punk to their sound in as unique a fashion as Microcosms have, and in many ways, “Forget Us” encapsulates their identity as a band better than any other track they’ve released thus far in their career together has. If it’s truly a statement single, then their closest rivals both in and outside of the Chicago scene had best take heed of its underlying message.


As inspired as the vocal is in this song, the guitars are the real star of the show here. They deliver one crushing blow after another in rapid fire succession, which allows for the bass line to steadily grind away at the rhythm against the flow of the streamlined percussion. “Forget Us” is unbelievably engaging from an instrumental perspective, and it’s actually one of the few rock singles that I’ve listened to this season that balances the anthemic thunder of its beats with the melodic gush of its guitar parts.

There’s a ton of energy in this track, but there isn’t a stitch of space that goes unutilized in the master mix. Microcosms go out of their way in “Forget Us” to make every element of their sound as physical as possible, from the drums to the guitars and all the way back to the vibrant lead vocal holding all of the individual pieces together like superglue. It’s tightly produced, but the subtle intricacies in the instruments are left preserved in the final product, making the entire song sound so much more tangible and organic than it likely would have been otherwise.

Microcosms are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with  and “Forget Us” just might be their most muscular jam so far. They’re clearly ready to make the transition from the underground into the mainstream.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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