Juewett Bostick’s single “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude”

Juewett Bostick’s single “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” is one of several preludes from his latest LP, Shades Of Blu, which is an amalgam of jazz, soul, blues, R&B and funk to make a unique brand of accessible but stripped back to basics sound. It’s eye opening to come away with such a loyal attraction to an artist so quickly, it’s a wonder he’s not famous or well known in larger circles of fans because it sounds like he’s been at it a long time without any doubt. You don’t get this good overnight, so it’s cool to finally hear this virtuoso.


After just one listen to “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude,” one should be enormously pleased to the extent of wanting more, as this track could go on for 15 minutes and not bore fore one second. High energy musical backing with colossal diva style vocals is what make it stand out so well. If you’re a soul music lover but like new music too, you’ll find everything you need in what Bostick is brining to the world. It kicks off with no hesitation and doesn’t let up until the smoking end, as any hot R&B style song should, but the vocals take it over the top with the best of ‘em.

I’d credit the singer’s name if only I could find it, but my hat goes off to her as well as Bostick’s other chosen comrades. It’s worth tracking down and talking about the next review opportunity, so it’s worth it to any listener as well. There is really nothing to be improved, other than perhaps Bostick not taking any limelight himself, but that’s part of the whole concept of his work, which may even be of some career transition, but I’m only speculating that from the professional level at the product stage. The more you hear, the more you know.

You won’t find this phat of grooves, this high of energy or this amount of styles in one place very often, so it comes highly recommended for that value and just about anything else you can think of, it’s just real music and that’s all there is to Juewett Bostick and CO. “Sound & Rhythm-Prelude” can be considered a prelude to everything this magnificent artist is good for, both exemplified by one track or an introduction to an entire album worth of world class songwriting and playing. Even to those most hard to impress types.


There’s almost too much to say and not enough time and space to express it, but that also reflects what Bostick’s achieving with flying colors, if only it doesn’t fall on too many deaf ears. But that should never happen to anyone of such talent and patience levels, as clearly heard in the well-produced results. This isn’t some rookie, that much is evident, but the world stage is always full of them, so don’t miss this diamond in the rough, he could be the next talked about funk meister or jazz master, maybe even rock guitar god, because he possess all of these qualities.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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