Charley Young releases new Single

Gliding out of the silent darkness on the whim of a stealthy synth melody, “Hold the Moon (Retro Mix),” the latest single from the much-buzzed Miss Charley Young, comes into focus with a grandiosity that transcends the simple structure of the song that it’s contained within. Acrylic drum patterns find their way into the mix with a vibrantly energetic swing, with Young riding the rhythm emitted in their wake. There’s nothing to come between artist and audience in this stunner of a single, and the dreamy eclecticism of the harmonies surrounding our lead singer are powerful enough to hypnotize anyone who comes within earshot of “Hold the Moon (Retro Mix).” Charley Young is ready for the big leagues, and she’s playing like an old pro in this brand new summer jam.


Clearly, the goal here is to get us dancing, but the lyrical content that we discover in this track is surprisingly sharp and emotive nonetheless. Young dispenses her lines with an effortless ease, showing off her moxie and bravado. She’s so confident, swaggering even, but there’s a lingering sense of reflection in her voice as we refrain from the first chorus. The mood is tense at this juncture, her interplay with the synthesized backdrop yields a significant amount of catharsis as we near the central hook’s second big appearance. “Hold the Moon (Retro Mix)” is a juggernaut of a single, and though it celebrates the intensity of a modern alternative sound, its rhythm has a familiar sway that tethers its aesthetic to a classic strain of pop music.

I’ve only just recently gotten into Charley Young’s music, but I think that I picked the right time to find her discography. Young is getting a lot more experimental with the release of this remix and its original cut, and you could definitely make the argument that she’s adopting a more progressive stylization in her singles lately. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before she drops a full-length album on us, but regardless of when she chooses to get back into the studio, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next batch of music that she shares with the world.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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