Interview: Loretta Christiansenson and Garyk Lee

Esteemed artist, producer, actor and host of "Garyk Lee Lifestyle TV", seems to be having an issue with the upstanding socialite, Loretta Christiansenson, host of the popular hit series "Let's Talk With Loretta Christiansenson." Apparently, Loretta seems to be interrupting Garyk's YouTube channel with her own show. With the onset of Loretta's rising fame I thought that perhaps if the two of them interviewed together they might form some sort of kin-ship.....l’m not convinced that worked.....

Garyk: Where did you meet Loretta and has she ever used her special spray away the gays on you?

Oddly enough…I feel like I’ve known her all my life…Growing up…there is a lot of women I’ve known like her that I was close too as I didn’t know any better…yet never understood at all…They were rather simple minded but loved glamor and surrounding themselves with beauty, yet always seemed a meatball shy of a hero sandwich when it came to accepting reality…As if the World revolved around them .I first met her when she surprised me last fall and interviewed me...I successfully dodged her Spray...Ha!

Loretta: You seem like a good Christian woman, what do you think of Prince William's statement regarding he'd support any of his children if they were to be gay? 

I’m simply heart-broken… so disappointed in the future King of Thrones…He is opening up a pandora's  box with such a loathsome statement…He’s giving a free pass to his son to be Homogenized…Like he’s a bottle of milk straight from a cow in some little picturesque English farming village… I think that Hollywood wife of his is in on these shenanigans.

Garyk: What are your feelings on Loretta's instant fame?

 Well…She owes me…She’s been stealing my spotlight by interrupting my show and airing her “Lets Talk With Loretta Christiansenson” on my You Tube Channel…I need to get to the bottom of it and I think Fashiona, my animated assistant is the culprit…I’m not sure if she realizes her popularity is because no one can believe her bigoted view points and are entertained with her ignorance…Nothing I would be proud of!

Loretta: Do you think Garyk is slightly jealous of your celebrity status?

 I think being Gay makes him unworthy of even being talked about…If he would change his lifestyle, Then I will give him the time of day…But if I MUST answer your question…Absolutely YES!!!

Garyk: What do you admire most about Loretta?

 Probably her Fashion sense and full head of hair!

Loretta: Is there anything you admire about your friend Garyk that you wish you had?

 I love his Art and would own all of it if he only weren’t gay! But being a leading advocate against LGBT rights… I won’t cater to that sickness!

Garyk: Do you share any of Loretta's values?

 Are you kidding me? The only thing we seem to have in common is “MY” Garyk Lee Lifestyle TV-YouTube Channel.

Loretta: Have you ever thought of running for President?

Well I get asked this question time after time….Maybe Congress Woman, As I’ve noticed a few Congress men, not to mention any names… that could use a dose of my spray…but I think I’ve made my position known that Men are ahead of things like Countries and we need an Older White Male to be President…because they are just so Presidential…Why look at our current POTUS…Why he is such a fine example of Presidential…From his finely fitted tailored suits and long ties…to how he knows just the right menu for his Luxurious State Dinner Parties he throws for sports teams…He is such an honest gentleman with all the women in his life…How could I ever compete with that? I could never be respected all over the World like our current POTUS is…Why even all those Evil Dictation Men like Kim June and Potin love him…

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Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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