Blinded by the Sun” by Relic Kings

"Blinded by the Sun,” the title track and first single from Relic Kings’ debut album, opens with an explosion of sonic fireworks that immediately informs us of what’s to come in its four and a half minutes of melodic luster, but the kaleidoscopic riffs and multilayered drumming that we hear at this juncture contain only a fraction of the musical might that is awaiting us once the lead vocal comes into focus. In a smoky drawl that is as rustic in tone as it is brimming with unvarnished passion, we’re pushed to the edge of our seats and brought into an uncharted patch of modern rock territory that will soon be claimed by this exciting three-piece - all through little more than some lyrical wit and raucous, stone cold riffing.


“Today I put off ‘til tomorrow / What I should’ve done yesterday” croons Relic Kings’ frontman, a hint of angst infecting his voice with an added layer of emotion that not even the sleekest of guitar solos could conceal. The drums churn in the background, utilizing a vacuum effect in the master mix that keeps drawing us closer and closer to the flashpoint of the band’s melodic moxie until the chorus is bearing down on us like a hungry bear in the wilderness. There’s so much tension, but it’s all about to come apart as the harmonies reach an immaculate peak in the central hook.

The strings in the chorus wash over us with a cool, confident swing that reflects the free spirited lyrical narrative it was designed to support better than anything else possibly could have. There’s a small speedbump in the transition, but it’s so insignificant amidst the stream of soulful verses and their adjoining beats that it would take a trained ear to even notice it in the first place. By and large, this is a pretty flawless debut single if I’ve ever heard one.

Relic Kings bring us to a tender, acoustic-based finish as “Blinded by the Sun” fades to silence, and while it’s accompanied by some strong material on their new album, this is without a doubt my favorite song that they’ve released so far. Even had I not seen the charming lyric video for this single, the open-air vibes that this track contains do not require an extensive background in music comprehension to fully understand their presence, and more specifically, the role that they play in the grander scheme of things here. This is a song that was meant to be played over car speakers on a stretch of open highway, and that in itself makes it a premier piece of music to acquire this July.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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