Carrying On With Tradition: Exclusive Interview With Country Chart-Topper Richard Lynch
Richard Lynch talks about his latest album, "Think I'll Carry It On."

Ohio-based country singer-songwriter Richard Lynch is country as they come. From his boots to his roots, he's carrying on tradition with his latest album, "Think I'll Carry It On."  Lynch co-wrote all the songs on the album, which boasts no less than 4 radio hit singles, so far. Richard took time out from working his "Keeping It Country Farm" to answer some questions for us...


IndieSource: Hi Richard!  Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. You're an extremely busy guy!  How are things on the Keepin' It Country farm?  What big shows do you have coming in?  

Richard Lynch: We are very busy at the Farm,  after a record amount of rainfall this spring and summer, we finally have the weather to cut and bale hay!  We also have a big show July 20 at the Farm with the fantastic Lee Roy Parnell, going to be a great show.

IS: Your current single, "Keyboard Cowboy" is doing very well on some national airplay charts. How did you pick the song as a single, and why do you think it's catching on with listeners?  

RL: My wife and I were having some major problems with certain relatives and their disparaging campaign on social media of us.  Our nephew made the comment everyone knows "he's just a "Keyboard Cowboy" and that was it, I wrote the song based on that line and the rest of the song came pretty easy.  I feel everyone can relate to knowing someone or situations like this and its fun to have song that is the comeback to a annoying situation like this.

IS: Tell us about the Love Tattoo Foundation, please:  

RL: Love Tattoo is a military tribute song I cowrote about our great veterans who have suffered with a physical or emotional scar from their service to our great country. From the song we created the Love Tattoo Foundation to raise funds and awareness for our veterans who are suffering with physical or emotional scars.  We support a veteran facility in Michigan called Wilwin Lodge, that provides a respite for these very deserving veterans.  We perform a concert for them each year and donate or provide items they need for this facility.

IS: Who did you listen to as a kid?  How did these artists influence you as an artist?

RL: I listen to all the traditional country artists that made country music great from the 60s to the 90s and also my Dad, Woody Lynch who was an incredible country singer and entertainer in our tri-state area. These artists influenced my love of traditional country music, that I knew I wanted to sing that music and make a living at it.

IS: What is one song that your fans would be surprised to know that you secretly like?  

RL: Take it on The Run by REO Speedwagon

IS: Let's talk about your most recent album release, "Think I'll Carry it On." Tell us about the overall concept of the record?  

RL: I wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs on the album.  I am very proud to say all the songs reflect myviews and feelings about my life, my upbringing, what goes on in this big world, and about people that mean a lot to me.  The title and song came from Back in 1953 reflect how I want to keep this traditional country music alive and well for the next generations to enjoy.

IS: What is your favorite show that you've ever performed at?  

RL: Anything we play at the Keepin It Country Farm have been my favorites, it is so enjoyable to have folks come to our farm and enjoy the great traditional acts we bring to the country and also have my band entertain this great group of friends and fans that follow us.

IS: What is the next single we'll hear from Richard Lynch on the radio?

RL: Back in 1953 will be our next release.

IS: Thanks for taking the time, Richard.  Any parting words for your fans and our readers?  

RL: Thanks to everyone for listening and sharing my music. Hope to see everyone down the road somewhere and shake their hand or hug their neck.

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