TJ Doyle releases new Single

Softly tucked into a decadent groove, we find the strum of TJ Doyle’s glistening guitar in his exceptional new single “Lullaby,” which is out now and stirring up a lot of attention for the acclaimed independent singer/songwriter. As captivating as his tender vocal is, the string play is the real star of the show here, with every elegant strand of melodicism that it emits forging a mood that not even the most adept poetry could convey. The cosmetics of this track are very well-polished, but beneath the sparkle of the master mix lies a solid composition that arguably raises the bar for both Doyle and his peers this summer.

Doyle’s voice is warm and inviting from start to finish here, yet it’s full of an aching emotionality that is reminiscent of late 70’s Neil Young. The rhythm of the percussion is really stylish and has an almost cosmopolitan feel, which balances out the classic tone of the guitar excellently but stops short of washing the song in urban textures that would diminish its enticing organic vibe. To some extent, “Lullaby” is as steeped in old school stylization as it is forward-thinking alternative songwriting, which isn’t a combination that you find very often in 2019.


The drum track in this single is intoxicatingly streamlined, and at times makes the pendulous tempo of the harmonies feel a little more urgent than it would have otherwise. Nothing about “Lullaby” feels forced or inauthentic, but there’s definitely some raw experimentation here that might draw the ire of more conservative folk/rock enthusiasts. Personally, I think that the contrast within this song adds a layer of intrigue that wholly sets Doyle’s latest look apart from anything his contemporaries in the mainstream are and were it not as eclectically constructed, I don’t know that it would be nearly as spellbinding a piece.

Fans of folk and alternative pop alike can’t beat “Lullaby” this July, and I have a feeling that this single could go a long way towards establishing an audience for TJ Doyle outside of the underground pool that he’s become so prominent in these last three years. This single has immense crossover appeal, and in an era that has become increasingly divisive among artists and the scenes that they call their own, it’s nice to see a songwriter developing a sound that doesn’t adhere to any restrictive parameters whatsoever. The bottom line? “Lullaby” offers some tonality from an undisputedly proven master of melody, and it’s a hot pick for any audiophile this month.

Anne Hollister


Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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