The Lost Millions issue a brilliant EP

With brute force that extends well beyond the fuzz on their distorted riffs, The Lost Millions issue a brilliant EP in Novellas Dantes, the vicious sophomore smash from this acclaimed rock syndicate. At times chillingly enigmatic, Novellas Dantes is a splendidly surreal addition to The Lost Millions’ discography, and easily their most mature and well-rounded offering thus far. The band fires off pendulous grooves in “Mad at the Sun,” a psychedelic-tinged space out in “Complicated,” experimental alt-rock rhythm in “My Street” and “Wisdom of the Mad Priest,” and even a little bit of punkish discord in “See the Light,” and while this release is definitely among the more eclectic by design that I’ve reviewed this season, it’s nonetheless one of the most captivating and difficult to put down.


“See the Light,” “Complicated” and “Mad at the Sun” are all about instrumental brawniness from the get-go, but in “My Street” and “Wisdom of the Mad Priest,” The Lost Millions explore a streamlined style of attack that exhibits the efficiency of their songwriting more than it does the grandiosity of their textured riffing. This extended play has a duality to its tracklist that wasn’t present in 2017’s 101, and despite the familiarity of the band’s trademark-warm tonality, you could make the argument that the stylization of these compositions is wholly evolved from the content of their last release. They’ve come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.

I wasn’t familiar with The Lost Millions before giving this EP a listen, but ,I am really looking forward to hearing more from their camp in the future. For running a mere twenty minutes in total length, Novellas Dantes is a deeply engaging record that enjoys a smorgasbord of color and artistic substance. This is a breath of fresh air for heavy music enthusiasts like myself, and a sizzling addition to the 2019 summer sound for sure.

 Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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