Exclusive Interview with The Radio Buzzkills

The Radio Buzzkills are the irreverent punk band you've been searching for.  Read on to learn more about their summertime plans and why you'll want to be at their next show.

Thank you for joining us Radio Buzzkills, could you take a few minutes to tell our readers more about your beginnings in the industry? 

We all started playing in bands when we were pretty young. Bass Amp (Drums)  is a local punk rock legend. He’s also a tour musician with such acts as Kid Congo and First Jason. Jenny is a veteran of the Chicago Burbs scene she’s also a former member of a Bloomington based bluegrass band. I have been around the Punk scene off and on since the late 90’s. Gene is well known for metal bands like Linda’s Dead.  The Radio Buzzkills came together very naturally. I was looking to start a project, had some songs worked out and it when came time to really get into the studio the right people fell into place. Gene, I met through a mutual friend and Gene was really excited to break out of the metal projects and try something new. Jenny happened to move down to the St. Louis area and she had worked on projects when we recorded in the Chicago area. So she slid in perfect.  I simply asked  Bass Amp to play drums for us. He’s a talented guy and a friend who goes way back.

What is the writing process of the band? 

I write most of the lyrics and the basic structure of the song. I do a demo of that song, which is usually a pretty basic Ramonesy tune. Once they get a hold of it they create their own ideas and arrangement ideas. When we all get together we record a live demo then listen back to that on how the song could be developed. Once we think we have the song down we’ll play it 1000 live as a band. After all that we record a studio demo.  It’s very much a team effort. 

Tell us more about the bands who inspired you to pick up those instruments in the first place.

Banks like The Teen Idols, Screeching Weasel, The Golden Oldies, 60’s surf, a lot of garage rock stuff. We try to blend these elements all together and each element is surly rooted in the bands we picked up instruments because.

What will you be up to this summer? 

This summer we are recording a split with the Black Russians (Due Out this fall) and rehearsing for a run of shows this fall.   

Any plans for VINYL with the new music? 

Our latest record Get Lost! Is due for a viny release this fall. The above mentioned 7 inch is due out late fall. 

Please tell us about your last gig!

We played great all local line up here in St.Louis with Bruiser Queen. Tons of people tons of fun. 

Where is the next show? 

Punk the Burbs Fest 3 in suburban Chicago. We are closing out the show right before headliners and punk legends The Mr.T Experience close the show.

Where can we support your music on line?

Buy or stuff from us here!

Please list all your social media links so our readers can follow you out there.

End of Interview

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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