Ooberfuse releases Call My Name’s remix EP

Soft and fragile from the start, a pristinely melodic vocal greets us with a childlike innocence in the “Paul Kennedy Radio Edit” of “Call My Name,” the first of five remixes of the new composition from ooberfuse. The beats are bouncy, buoyant and bursting at the seams with color, but their textured wallop is nothing next to the brilliantly subtle emotionality that the sweet serenade is conveying to us. The music video for “Call My Name” uses the “Paul Kennedy Radio Edit” to paint a harmonious picture atop the picturesque visual journey that its travel-based imagery creates, and though it’s a bit formulaic by today’s standards, it doesn’t have to be particularly cinematic to win over curious listeners – the music does a fine job of that all on its own. The “Patrik Kambo Radio Edit,” although much more gripping instrumentally, doesn’t streamline the vocal’s contribution to the narrative as much has Kennedy’s mix does, but between the two of them, it feels as though we’ve absorbed every stitch of sonic mass that the composition can pump out.


The “Push The Frequency Festival Mix” lives up to its title and washes us in almost psychedelic tones that dart in and out of focus while the lacy lead vocal entraps us with its charming lyrics. This track favors the string play and synthesized components of “Call My Name” more than the others do, but the classy croon of our singer is never buried in all of the sonic virtuosity (which is something to be lauded when we look at just how much there actually is here). In the “Hal St John Radio Edit,” the male half of ooberfuse takes more of a barebones approach to the soundboard and subsequently draws all of the underlying textures in the vocal track to the surface without having to introduce a lot of bells and whistles to the bassline or drums. Every component has its place in this record, and even when ooberfuse are pushing the envelope as far as they can without straight-up alienating casual pop fans, they’re firing on all cylinders and sounding more relaxed in this release than they ever have before.


Call My Name’s remix EP concludes with a menacing fifth track, the ominous “The Noise,” which may well be the most elaborate and darkly addictive version of the song included in this EP. “The Noise” remix barely resembles its pop-centric brethren; from the jump, the bassline is throttling us with an angst-ridden beat that the percussion is never able to totally catch up with, and the vocal’s once-velvety finish turns to cold blue steel, altering the narrative of its words significantly. It’s a heck of a way to close-out one of the most fascinating mixtapes that I’ve heard in a while, and enriching enough to guarantee that I’ll be keeping a close eye on ooberfuse in the future. They’ve got a natural skill for making opulent harmonies and vibrant rhythm sound as though they’ve never been properly produced, and that alone makes their new record a worthwhile listen this July.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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