"Risk: Living on the Edge" by Michael E. Tennenbaum

The vast amount of knowledge presented in Risk: Living on the Edge, is enough to fortify even the foremost other existing authorities on the subject, whoever they might be. Any readers not up on the content here will come away schooled and very entertained in every chapter of what author, Michael E. Tennenbaum, supplies from his own risk-taking experiences. And you can’t deny any good author their skills in keeping readers glued to a subject they’re interested in, for which this work comes highly recommended. The book has so much to chew on it would take a book itself to fully commend, it’s that educational.


Without sounding too graphic about it, his is a superior detailed run through the trade of risk itself to descriptions of the vast experience of a true adventurist and analyst of the remarkable feats accomplished by him, with contributing help conveying it by Donna Beech. The accounts are also massively fortified with strategic ideas on how to take on the popular beliefs and turn them around to gain risk knowledge and approachability. This isn’t something we’re born with it takes years of experience and successful results to credit as a risk taker in order to author with integrity. There are no punches pulled, whatsoever.

To go totally in-depth about Risk (as mentioned before), wouldn’t be hard but it would be lengthy when the book itself is best read before seeing too much about it, the act could also never give it all away in this case either. It brings out the best in any reader or writer, and it’s really the work itself that does it when the author has lived it. The best of both worlds are to be had in one, and it’s another testament to Tennenbaum that way as he goes where no one has gone before with words no one has used to describe it for reference on how to achieve the maximum results at it through tips for even the novice.


If you want to know what drives the visionary mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve the otherwise unthinkable, look no farther than what’s to be found here. The chapters cover it all, from the very cutting edge of space utilization to the boundaries of anyone’s comfort zones can be felt throughout the well-kept flow. You should not only be well knowledgeable and skillful at risk taking but also know the financial facts and be able study them as you go, it’s all inside and much more.

This is the story being told from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, rather than just a research team that gathers information and puts it back out there, it’s exactly the opposite and cannot be competed with in the market in which it’s really all about or any other information sources or platforms. The reader can expect only the best in what there is to know about risk by a true taker of it, so, without being too detailed it’s easy to give top marks to the author and contributor.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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