“Leader Board” The DNA Of High Performance Teams by Omar L. Harris

It’s easy to look at Leader Board: The DNA Of High Performance Teams as a dual-purpose, all in-one guide to the acceleration principles outlining the highest standards for group development, inspired by the smartest business minds of the last two decades. These minds bring a system in which their own practicalities are shared for the better to shape teams into the right productivity zones by way of understanding each-others needs and guiding the journey to success. The proper tools are important, and Leader Board provides the interested reader with four tools to start with and goes a long way from there.

If you wonder why your management practices are still in the Stone Age, this is a very comprehensive look into why and how to resolve the smallest things to overcome the biggest hurdles. There’s a way to get to know your moves ahead of time and it’s done by knowing certain things about one another when you work together on a regular basis. This book covers why you’re in the same place working together before you can work together at all, and it gets better from that point because once you are past why you’re working together you can then get to work without wonderment bogging down chemistry.


Getting to know every aspect of how teams manage effectively is key, and it unlocks many doors in which the author exemplifies through a fictional group. He is one of the foremost experts on team development with an impressive resume to prove it. Omar L. Harris has a reputation that speaks for itself and there is a lot of learn from his teachings on the subject he’s very experienced at, with the help of others of the same mindsets of business and team development. Together, they impress like no other with colossal ideas.

Within the contents of Leader Board, you will find optimal solutions to various key factors that stifle most teams before they even have the chance to improve in a world where there’s always room for improvement, but the illusions can prevail over and slow growth down. It’s about synergy when and where it’s most needed, and subsequently disbursing when called for. The right balance is important, and Harris sets up a most compelling story to bring heads around to the reality of making things work, instead of sliding. You can trust this as a resource because of how it’s put together, and that’s a testament to Harris himself.


Learn how to avoid the negativity trap, while also learning how-to apply Team Acceleration Principles (aka TRAP’s), how to use the best hiring standards to form great teams, as well as learning why servant leadership is more influential than power-based leadership. This is a very strong piece of work for anyone needing the best tips and wanting to see it played out in an action based way to get maximum knowledge on how to climb the ladders of success, starting with working relationships and how keeping them sharp impacts growth for the better.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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